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About Remente: Self Improvement

This app listens. Based on your needs it provides a bunch of tools to help you elevate your life.

Live a healthy and rich life with a system of personal development tools to help you focus, be organised, productive as well as goal and action oriented. Perfect for a new year's resolution! The skill and knowledge provided will help you maintain your mental wellbeing and enable you to live a rich and healthy life with greater self esteem, more self worth and less stress and anxiety.

The app contains the following:
A day planner that contains daily to-do’s as well as long term goal actions and tasks.
A life assessment tool that gives you an overview of your focus in life.
A mood journal that explains what affects your mood and why you feel bad.
A curated collection of articles and exercises about every aspect of life.
A gallery of expertly crafted goal plans you can use to grow.

Mentioned in Forbes!

Goal setting guide
Becoming better and achieving personal growth and development can only be achieved by creating good goals and habits. Remente acts as your coach and offer guides and tips for setting and achieving goals that form sustainable habits which result in healthy behavior.

The Day Planner
To reach goals and form habits you need to plan, and be reminded of, when it’s time to take action. The day planner is a smart and dynamic to-do list which plans your days for you based on your goals.

Life assessment
Tracking how your life is balancing is important for your mental wellbeing and to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. The life assessment tool helps you determine where you should focus your personal development efforts to become mindful and healthy.

Mood Journal
Learn what makes you feel good with the Remente mood journal.
By tracking your mood you will understand what consequences your behaviours and habits have on your mental wellbeing and life. You can also use tags like “stressed” or “confident” to learn more about emotions like self esteem. What habits increase your self esteem? Use the mood journal to find out.

Integrate with Google Fit to see how your body and mind affect each other.

Expert goal plans
We have a library full of expertly crafted goal plansto coach you. They contain detailed plans, tips and information for how to succeed with common personal development goals.

Courses & Articles
Personal development and growth requires knowledge. We provide that knowledge in the form of courses and articles written by psychologists, business managers, life coaches and world champions in several fields. Here are some of the topics we cover:

Time Management
Productivity & efficiency
Sleep Optimization
Memory Training
Friends & Social Interactions
Better Relationships, tips on dating & sex
Diets & Good Health
Stress Management
Anxiety Relief
Motivation & Goal Setting
Personal Finance tips
Good Communication
Better Leadership
Making Good Decisions

We offer a premium subscription which contains several extra features and content that will help you grow even more.

The purchase is handled by your Google-account. You can always cancel or change your subscription directly in Google Play by going to settings after your purchase.

The subscription will be renewed 24 hours before it expires with a subscription identical to the one you last purchased. It is not possible to cancel an already purchased subscription.

Terms of use & Privacy policy

The team behind Remente are experts in the fields of psychology, coaching and mental training. Previously, we’ve helped Sweden win the 2014 World Memory Championships, pioneered internet psychiatry treatments and coached world class athletes to achieve more and do better.

So far we have helped over 100.000 people with their mental wellbeing and reaching their goals. Allow us to help you as well and become a member of the Remente family. Thank you.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What tools does the Remente app provide?

The Remente app provides tools such as a day planner, life assessment tool, mood journal, curated collection of articles and exercises, and expertly crafted goal plans.

How does Remente help with personal development and mental wellbeing?

Remente helps with personal development and mental wellbeing by providing tools to help with focus, organization, productivity, goal setting, and action orientation. It also provides insights into mood and behaviors, and offers guidance on setting and achieving goals and forming sustainable habits.

What is the purpose of the day planner in the Remente app?

The day planner in the Remente app helps users reach their goals and form habits by providing a smart and dynamic to-do list. It plans the user's days based on their goals and reminds them when it's time to take action.

How does the life assessment tool in Remente work?

The life assessment tool in Remente helps users track and balance their life for mental wellbeing and stress reduction. It helps determine where personal development efforts should be focused to become mindful and healthy.

What is the mood journal feature in Remente?

The mood journal feature in Remente allows users to track their mood and understand how their behaviors and habits affect their mental wellbeing. Users can explore emotions like self-esteem and learn what habits increase their self-esteem.

Does Remente offer expert goal plans?

Yes, Remente offers a library of expertly crafted goal plans that provide detailed plans, tips, and information for achieving common personal development goals.

Are there courses and articles available in Remente?

Yes, Remente provides courses and articles written by experts in psychology, coaching, and various fields. Topics covered include time management, productivity, sleep optimization, relationships, stress management, and more.

What are the benefits of the premium subscription in Remente?

The premium subscription in Remente offers extra features and content designed to help users grow and develop further. It provides additional resources and tools for personal development and mental wellbeing.

How can the premium subscription be managed?

The premium subscription in Remente is managed through the user's Google account. It can be canceled or changed directly in Google Play settings after purchase.

Who are the experts behind Remente?

The team behind Remente consists of experts in psychology, coaching, and mental training. They have previously helped Sweden win the World Memory Championships and have experience coaching world-class athletes.
It help me sort out my life. It really changed me and my life for good
43- Subhashree Sahu
Love Love Love This App!!!
Lexi Grimes
Ultimately the high review comes down to the level of organization. I like that goals are separate from tasks. I particularly enjoy that you can create tasks within a goal to automatically show up for easy p...
Kayla McEwan
Great tool! And easy to use.
Nicole Bovell
I love this app so much ❤️ Bec sometime when I feel down, it helps me get better. It fixed my whole schedule and now I live a very happy life. It even got tips on " how to stop worrying" or "how to sleep bet...
This app is easy to use, packed full of very useful information and makes at home self help possible in an organized way. I have been looking and down loading app after app and this is the one that I have be...
Mary Spain