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About Moodflow: Mood Tracker, Year in Pixels, Diary

Mood Tracker βœ… Years in Pixels βœ… Journal βœ… Habit Enforcer βœ…

Moodflow is a FREE app that keeps track of your emotions, moods, thoughts and general well-being. Even more, Moodflow accompanies you throughout your life and gives you deeper knowledge about yourself that you might have not known before.

You don't even need to write anything down, to get meaningful insight or to keep a journal.

This is how simple Moodflow works:
Complete a really quick survey each day and allow yourself to gain knowledge on HOW and WHAT you feel through time.

β€’ 1. Select a rating for the day from 1 to 5.
β€’ 2. Select the emotions you are feeling.
β€’ 3. (optional) Write a note of anything important to help you remind that day. Or simply write about the day.
β€’ 3. (optional) Select the activities you did.
β€’ 4. DONE! 😁

Over time you will see the calendar fill out with the colors that reflect your mood and emotions. Likewise, you will be able to recall past days and know exactly WHY and WHAT you felt on a specific day. Call it an emotional diary or a reflection of your mind.

The Mood Tracker will help you understand yourself better by letting you identify the things that are lifting you up ↑ or the ones that are dragging you down ↓.
Moreover, Moodflow uses a model of modern psychology that covers the most common moods to help you describe your emotions.

Furthermore, Moodflow encourages you to develop better habits by including 28-day Challenges. These challenges range in difficulty and will make sure that you develop small but impactful habits. As someone said: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

More features? Sure!
β˜… Multiple Entries per Day: Moods swing during the day and you should be able to log as many as you want.
β˜… No Disruptive Ads: Support the app by watching an ad. Only if you want to.
β˜… Journal Mode: Read all your entries at once like you would in a diary.
β˜… Mood Color Palettes: Choose the color palette of your choice and personalize your moods.
β˜… Mood Manager: Edit and customize the default moods and add your own. Plus, select the mood layout that you prefer!
β˜… Color Editor: Choose any possible color and create your mood-color pallettes.
β˜… Custom Background: Make Moodflow feel like your App by customizing even the background video or image.
β˜… Statistics: Get to know your yearly and monthly mood averages.
β˜… And a lot more!

Download Moodflow today!
It is FREE and always will be.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Moodflow?

Moodflow is a FREE app that keeps track of your emotions, moods, thoughts, and general well-being. It provides meaningful insights and helps you understand yourself better.

How does Moodflow work?

To use Moodflow, you simply complete a quick survey each day where you rate your day, select the emotions you are feeling, write a note (optional), and select the activities you did (optional).

Can I log multiple entries per day in Moodflow?

Yes, you can log as many entries as you want per day in Moodflow as moods can swing during the day.

Are there any disruptive ads in Moodflow?

No, there are no disruptive ads in Moodflow. You can support the app by watching an ad, but it is not mandatory.

What additional features does Moodflow offer?

Moodflow offers features like journal mode, mood color palettes, mood manager to customize moods, color editor to create custom mood color palettes, custom backgrounds, statistics on yearly and monthly mood averages, and more.

Is Moodflow available for free?

Yes, Moodflow is a free app and will always be free to use.

How can I download Moodflow?

You can download Moodflow for free by searching for it on your app store or by visiting the app's website.
Love this app I get to connect with my emotions each day...!!!!!
franca fazio
Best mood tracker I have tried. You can track your moods whenever you want. There is a place to put what your grateful for, what inspires you and several other choices of positive questions you can choose yo...
Raynne Zurn
I love the app, but I didn't get how to use year in pictures - is it only plus option?
Виталия Π‘Π΅Π»ΠΎΠ²Π°
Ease of use and reminder notifications are not too much or intrusive
Bridget Leyland
Amazing app!
Sebastian Brinck Pedersen
Great best app i love it everyday easy colorrfull and all around great aspp
Jamie Christensen