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About Mindy: Daily Self Care Journal

Get personalized prompts and stories everyday & become the best version of yourself.

- 200+ Psychology contents updated every week
- Tips, quizzes and journals created based on psychology
- Bird-eye view of your emotions and how to deal with them
- Breathing exercises to help you de-stress

How we perceive the things around us depends on our thoughts. Our imaginative powers make us create great things, but they also make us fall into spirals of negative thoughts when we are feeling down.

The good news is, we can learn to shift our minds so that we could be able to better deal with stress and anxiety. Sometimes it could be about practicing mindfulness to note your thoughts, or it could be about a focused re-evaluation of your own thoughts and behaviors.

In any case, we prepared all you may need to move forward. Based on your preferences, mood diary entry, and history we provide daily quests to help you better understand your own thoughts and how to make the change you want.

Our programs and content are based on hundreds of session notes and therapeutic techniques that are proven to improve your emotional wellbeing. With Mindy, you will get a much clearer idea of how to take care of yourself through visual steps and interactive content that make the journey much more enjoyable.

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Through the mood diary, you can record how you are feeling, and what influenced you. By monitoring your stream of feelings, you can gain an insight into which activities you are enjoying and which you are not. After analyzing your input, we will give you some tips on how to increase & routinize pleasurable activities and how to decrease or reframe unappealing ones.


Each day, we will give you four to six stories based on your preferences. You will be able to track your progress through the calendar view and also the summary on the profile page.


We offer you easy-to-follow guides on mental techniques and concepts

- Mindfulness basics, including meditation, body scan, deep breathing, and posture.
- Performance tips on harnessing creativity, overcoming the imposter syndrome, and prioritizing your daily tasks.
- Anxiety and how to manage them. Learn how to turn off your stress response.
- Maintaining sound social relationships through better, assertive communication.
- Bring out the joy in you through positive psychology activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Mindy: Daily Self Care Journal?

Mindy: Daily Self Care Journal is an app that provides personalized prompts and stories every day to help individuals become the best version of themselves. It offers psychology content, tips, quizzes, and journals based on psychology to assist users in dealing with their emotions and providing techniques for stress relief.

How can Mindy help improve emotional wellbeing?

Mindy offers a mood diary feature where users can record their feelings and the factors influencing them. By monitoring their emotions, users can gain insights into pleasurable activities and ways to increase them, as well as identify unappealing activities and find methods to decrease or reframe them. Additionally, Mindy provides daily prompts and stories tailored to individual preferences and interactive activities that cover mindfulness, performance tips, anxiety management, maintaining social relationships, and positive psychology activities.

How does Mindy encourage mindfulness?

Mindy provides basic mindfulness techniques such as meditation, body scan, deep breathing, and posture. These techniques help individuals develop a greater awareness of their thoughts and feelings, promoting mindfulness and stress reduction.

What types of content does Mindy offer?

Mindy offers over 200 psychology contents that are updated every week. These contents include tips, quizzes, and journals based on psychology to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of their thoughts and behaviors.

How does Mindy personalize the user experience?

Mindy personalizes the user experience by providing daily quests based on user preferences, mood diary entries, and history. These quests help users better understand their own thoughts and provide guidance on how to make desired changes.

Does Mindy have breathing exercises for stress relief?

Yes, Mindy offers breathing exercises to help users de-stress. These exercises are designed to help individuals calm their mind and relax their body, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

How does Mindy track progress?

Mindy allows users to track their progress through the calendar view, which shows daily prompts and stories, and the summary on the profile page. This helps users see their journey and the steps they have taken towards self-improvement.

Are the programs and content provided by Mindy scientifically supported?

Yes, the programs and content offered by Mindy are based on hundreds of session notes and therapeutic techniques that have been proven to improve emotional wellbeing. The app strives to provide evidence-based strategies to help users take care of themselves.

Can Mindy help with managing anxiety?

Yes, Mindy provides resources and techniques to help individuals manage anxiety. Users can learn how to turn off their stress response and gain tools to cope with anxious thoughts and feelings.

What are interactive activities in Mindy?

Mindy offers interactive activities that cover various mental techniques and concepts. These activities include mindfulness basics, harnessing creativity, overcoming the imposter syndrome, prioritizing daily tasks, maintaining sound social relationships, and engaging in positive psychology activities. The guides provided are easy-to-follow, allowing users to actively participate in their self-care journey.
Great app. Helps keep track of mental health and has a lot of features!
Terry Kwon