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About Habio - Your Habit Assistant

Make your life better and easier with Habio. Create the right and healthy habits which will make your life nicer. Good habits help us to be healthier and more confident. To form these habits you need just a great motivation and regular repetition. Afraid to forget to repeat something? Don't worry, Habio will remind you! From regular workout, daily meditation, better sleep or even quit smoking - you can do everything! Believing in yourself certainly can help you to be closer to the acquisition of a dream habit. Replace your bad habits with good and you see a result. Be confident - you will succeed with habit tracker Habio.

Simple and beautiful interface of our application will help you to create your first habit, mark your habits which have already been made in a calendar, also you can :
- View your created habits.
- Add new habits.
- Habits to-do list.
- Check your progress about habits execution.
- Join our community on Facebook.
- View goal list.

Large quantity of useful articles, motivational citations you will find in a tab Insight. Also, you can see some interesting videos here, look through the feed, share with your friends and give your mark for the app.

You can create Habio for you own using, follow up statistics, your active days in app, learn how is going your success. Your personal data is edited by you in your profile and your notifications too, make your own habits journal!

Core Course. We offer the user to take a course of habits formation that consist of interesting materials and exercises which the user needs to do with habits. During the course you will receive awards as a check-list.

Fill your reflection diary - a very important part in work with your habit. In this section we offer our users a series of questions, answers on it will help them understand better and comprehend experience which has been taken during the day and also experience a certain time working off a habit or missing it. Fixing information is so important - it helps to analyze mistakes that have already been made and don’t allow new mistakes. Plan your schedule with Habio!

Our app is designed with mental health professionals specifically for dynamic, modern people who aspire to improve their quality of life. Habio - is not just a habit tracker, it is an application which can make a better version of you. Share the link with your friends and follow Habio in social networks.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can Habio help improve my life?

Habio can help improve your life by assisting you in creating healthy habits and providing motivation and reminders to repeat those habits regularly.

What kind of habits can I create with Habio?

With Habio, you can create various habits such as regular workouts, daily meditation, better sleep, or even quitting smoking.

How does Habio track my habits?

Habio tracks your habits by allowing you to mark them in a calendar and providing a progress check for habits execution.

Can I join a community on Habio?

Yes, you can join the Habio community on Facebook and interact with other users.

What features does the Insights tab offer?

The Insights tab offers a large quantity of useful articles, motivational citations, interesting videos, and a feed to share with friends.

Can I personalize my Habio experience?

Yes, you can personalize your Habio experience by editing your personal data, notifications, and creating your own habits journal.

Does Habio offer any courses?

Yes, Habio offers a course of habits formation that consists of interesting materials and exercises.

What is the reflection diary in Habio?

The reflection diary is an important section in Habio where you can answer a series of questions to better understand and comprehend your experiences with habits.

Is Habio designed for specific types of people?

Yes, Habio is designed specifically for dynamic, modern people who aim to improve their quality of life.

How can I share Habio with my friends?

You can share the link to Habio with your friends and also follow Habio on social networks.
Great app helping me get back to me again
Simon c
Prasad Kolhewad
Oh my gosh, I love this app! It has such a cute and functional layout and it gives u reasons for why you should do this! I highly recommend this!
Sophie Craig
I love this app because it let me say on track
Tre yy
This app is amazing! Way better than other habits app. Pleasantly surprised!
morgane poullain
Very good and feeling motivated to be myself
Vivianne Donovan