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About Moodpress - Mood with Passcode

Join your Moodpress personal diary to keep your secrets, mood, diary, daily photo, daily work and any privacy no matter when and where, track daily life and year progress, and make your daily routines more interesting and find more simple happiness.

🌟Do you want to keep your secrets and write down your memorable moments?🌟

🔏 *Password Protection*
Set passcode for your personal diary and protect your precious private moments. Never worry about losing your secrets if forget your diary passcode. Unlock by your fingerprint/face in seconds is also available.
Moreover, your data are entirely under your control all the time, and will not be stored or collect by Moodpress servers.

📂 *No Registration & Easy to use*
Moodpress is easy to create, change or delete diaries. With no need to register, just make a new entry every day, enter your unique story, and choose one cute emoji and photo to describe how your day was. You can easily enjoy writing journals at all.

📝 *Good diary organizer*
Attach moods, photo, activity tags and real time to your journal entries.
Personalize your diary by picking your favorite theme and preferred emoticons for your daily life diary. Convenient night themes have been prepared well for you to write at night.

🏷 *Customized your own activities*
You could customize your own special activities to record your various daylife, and add them at your own pace, such as couple diary, pet diary, diet diary, health diary, meals diary, fitness diary, travel diary or spiritual journal.

📊 *Mood stats & Activity stats as mood controller *
Visualized statistics concentrate on your mood and activity, clearly showing your emotional chart through monthly and yearly tracking your recorded mood and private journal.
Focus on your sentiment, help you get self reflection and anger management, also find what makes you happy or upset from self tracking and your activity tracker.

❤️ *Mood tools*
You could get help to soothe your daily feelings, like stress and depression, through mood healing tools.

📅 *Monthly mood calendar*
Easily show your mood barometer and compare your day-to-day moods.

⏰ *Daily reminder*
Notify you daily check in diary, writing down your feelings diary timely. You will not miss a day to write.

Moodpress makes you enjoy your every ✨brilliant moments and record your memorable ones. So, take your “Moodpress” to your desktop now! ✒️

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact us without hesitation in Moodpress by clicking on the Settings > Feedback > Email/Instagram/WhatsApp/Telegram

We’d love to hear about your Moodpress experience.

Terms of use:
Privacy policy:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Moodpress?

Moodpress is a personal diary app that allows you to keep track of your secrets, mood, diary entries, daily photos, and daily work, all while maintaining your privacy.

How can I protect my personal diary entries in Moodpress?

You can set a passcode for your personal diary in Moodpress, ensuring that your private moments are protected. Additionally, you can use your fingerprint or face recognition to unlock your diary.

Do I need to register to use Moodpress?

No, there is no need to register. You can easily create, change, or delete diaries without going through a registration process.

Can I customize my diary entries in Moodpress?

Yes, in Moodpress you can attach moods, photos, activity tags, and real-time information to your journal entries. You can also personalize your diary by choosing themes and emoticons.

Can I track my mood and activities in Moodpress?

Yes, Moodpress provides visualized statistics that concentrate on your mood and activity. You can track your emotional chart monthly and yearly, helping you with self-reflection and anger management.

Are there any mood tools in Moodpress?

Yes, Moodpress provides mood healing tools to help soothe your daily feelings, such as stress and depression.

Does Moodpress have a reminder feature?

Yes, Moodpress can notify you daily to check-in and write down your feelings in your diary, ensuring that you never miss a day.

How can I provide feedback or contact Moodpress?

You can provide feedback or contact Moodpress by clicking on the Settings option in the app, then selecting Feedback. You can reach out via email, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Telegram.

Where can I find the terms of use and privacy policy for Moodpress?

You can find the terms of use at and the privacy policy at
Awesome app.
Monmohini Majumdar
Mood diary with emoji and beautiful theme, statistical mood for month, good mood tracker app.
long hao