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About Diary, Journal, Mood & Memory Book by Pointo

Pointo is a simple and secret journal app, to write diary, use as mood tracker & personal note book. The Pointo diary app allows you to keep your private thoughts safewith a personal PIN with password protection and Instant Lock that keeps your memories, private notes, stories, poems, and gratitudes secret and safe. Enjoy our variety of original fun emoji and smileys to keep a daily notebook, mood tracker, habits & activities tracker or keep privatephoto memories of your life journal. Personalize your dairy entries in the Pointo journal by adding photos, tags, choosing a theme, and more. Sync with Google Drive to keep your diary and notebook accessible on all your devices and securely backed up.

The Ultimate Diary, Journal, Mood & Memory Book by Pointo features:

πŸ”’ PIN/password protection with Instant Lock – Safeguard and protect your journal with a secure PIN code that you can change after recording your secret answer.

😍 Mood tracker & Activity Tracker – Express yourself quickly in a micro diary with unique colorful emoji, smileys, and activity icons. Track your mood as many times per day as you want, for free!

πŸ–ΌοΈ Photo Journal – Keep your photo memories by adding photos to your diary. You can add travel photos, fitness progress photos, food photos, personal photos with your friends and family.

πŸ“ Unlimited Free Journaling - Free unlimited notes per diary entry, and unlimited diary entries per day - both written and recorded!

☁️ Google Drive Sync and Backup – Backup all your journal entries and never lose your life's memories.

πŸ”” Helpful Reminder– Set a helpful daily reminder to write or record in your diary. Take notes of your mood, activities, emotions, thoughts, gratitudes, ideas, and self-care.

🎨 Beautiful Minimalist Themes – Personalize your diary by picking one of our themes*.

πŸ”Ž Find your Memories – Use simple tags to organize every diary entry. It’s easy to keep multiple journals by using # tags. Add one or more tags to your journal entry, then simply search by tag to see all diary entries on the same topic.

🎀 Entries with voice or audio - Great for when you're feeling tired or don't want to type, or want to record sounds. Useful for self-reflection, self-care, as a therapy journal, or to record important events like birthdays.

Try the Pointo minimalist diary app now for FREE unlimited journaling!

Benefits of journaling with your Pointo personal journal

βœ… Keep your secret thoughts safe with a secure PIN-protected private journal without typing!
βœ… Cultivate positive thoughts, mindfulness, and happiness
βœ… Create a daily habit of self-reflection and writing.
βœ… Track your mood, habits, analyze your dreams, collect your gratitudes
βœ…The easiest diary to use - create your first entry with a simple tap!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Pointo?

Pointo is a diary, journal, mood tracker, and memory book app. It allows you to write personal thoughts, track your mood and activities, and keep your memories safe and secure.

How does Pointo keep my thoughts safe?

Pointo has PIN/password protection and Instant Lock feature to safeguard your journal. You can also sync your diary with Google Drive for secure backup.

Can I add photos to my diary entries?

Yes, you can add photos to your diary entries, including travel photos, fitness progress photos, and personal photos with friends and family.

Is there a limit to the number of diary entries I can make?

No, Pointo offers unlimited free journaling. You can make unlimited notes per diary entry and unlimited diary entries per day.

Does Pointo have a reminder feature?

Yes, Pointo has a helpful daily reminder to write or record in your diary. This can help you maintain a consistent journaling habit.

Can I personalize my diary in Pointo?

Yes, you can personalize your diary by choosing one of the beautiful minimalist themes available in Pointo.

How can I find specific diary entries?

You can use simple tags to organize your diary entries. By adding tags to your entries, you can easily search and find all entries on the same topic.

Can I record voice or audio entries in Pointo?

Yes, Pointo allows you to make entries with voice or audio. This can be useful when you don't want to type or want to record sounds.

What are the benefits of journaling with Pointo?

Journaling with Pointo helps keep your secret thoughts safe, cultivates positive thoughts and mindfulness, creates a daily habit of self-reflection, tracks mood and habits, and allows you to easily use the diary with a simple tap.
Love this app! Lets me add a picture and say how i feel, and add a journal entry. Awesome!
Mandi Lamb
Just the app I've been looking for to track synchronicities. Simple and easy to use.
Sydney Thomas
I am really like this app so far ,I would really recommend to someone who would like to better their self.
Heather Strong-Johnson
Love it so far
I was looking for a daily gratitude journal that I could use on the go. This does the job perfectly. I can jot down events in a spare 5 mins, and the gratitude prompts and challenged are great for days when ...
Andrea James
Good for journal entries
bhargava narayana