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About Chiku – Journal / Diary & Mood Tracker

Introspect on daily events with self care journal to lead a happier life. We often find it
demanding to maintain a personal diary or mood journal and write about our
feelings. Yet, keeping our precious moments and memories safe for a lifetime is
what we aspire. Log your emotions and create a story anytime, anywhere using
Chiku – Personal Diary & Daily Mood Tracker.

Emotion Tracker
Give some time to yourself, for your well-being. Taking out a few minutes daily from
your busy, stressful schedule and just wondering about how your day was, is the key
to a healthy mind. Think about what made you feel happy and why something did
not. Log your emotions in the happiness tracker or reason about why your daily life
has become so stressful. Chiku is your personal assistant and emotion tracker to help you keep track of your day-to-day activities and inspire you along the way to
keep making your life better.

Mental Health Journal
Find your mental health score. We rate your daily mood and feelings to generate a
score averaged over a period of time, that tells how well you are keeping. Stay
elevated, keep a high score. Also, have a look at your top feelings, moods and
activities over the last few days.

Read Quote Of The Day
Get a daily dose of quotations, challenges, and questions. Start your day by reading
quote of the day that motivate you to achieve great things in life and guide you to live
a more meaningful life. Take Challenges that spark a competitive spirit in you and
feel a sense of accomplishment when you fulfil them. Explore the self care journal to
answer questions that force you to rise above petty issues and ponder over more
important stuff in life.

Mood Journal and Mood Diary
Get in-app blogs and be a part of the mood diary community. Connect with others
like you anonymously through our Community Platform. Share what you feel on
various topics with mood journal discussions. We believe that it’s easier to face
challenges in life when we have someone to talk to and get support from like-minded

Self-care journal is available in 6 languages: English, Hindi, French, German, Italian
and Spanish.

Features of Chiku – Personal Diary & Daily Mood Tracker

★ Log your mood, feeling, activities and write about your day in mood journal.
★ Graphs & Interesting Insights to make mood diary more appealing
★ Configure reminders to create a story daily in self-care journal
★ Get a daily dose of motivation in the form of quotes, questions and challenges.
★ Increase your security by enabling emotion tracker app lock
★ Draw or add images and add them to your story
★ Use Happiness tracker to log your feelings
★ Read in app blogs and quote of the day about mental health
★ Join a community of like-minded people and mood journal keepers.
★ Multiple mood diary Themes to personalize your diary.
★ Dark mode available for mental health journal

Are you looking for a useful and life-changing self care journal app?
The new emotion tracker and mental health journal is here for you.

Download and use Chiku – Personal Diary & Daily Mood Tracker today!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Chiku - Journal / Diary & Mood Tracker?

Chiku - Journal / Diary & Mood Tracker is an app that allows you to log your emotions, keep a personal diary, and track your mood on a daily basis.

How does Chiku help with self-care?

Chiku helps with self-care by providing a platform for you to reflect on your daily events, log your emotions, and track your mood. It encourages you to take time for yourself and improve your well-being.

What can I do with the Emotion Tracker feature?

With the Emotion Tracker feature, you can log your emotions and create a story about your day. It helps you understand what makes you happy and why certain things may be causing stress in your daily life.

How does Chiku help with mental health?

Chiku helps with mental health by allowing you to track your daily mood and feelings, which generates a mental health score. It also provides insights into your top feelings, moods, and activities over time.

What can I expect from the "Quote Of The Day" feature?

The "Quote Of The Day" feature provides you with daily quotations, challenges, and questions to motivate you and guide you towards a more meaningful life. It sparks a competitive spirit and encourages self-reflection.

Can I connect with others using Chiku?

Yes, you can connect with others anonymously through the Community Platform in the app. You can share your thoughts and participate in mood journal discussions with like-minded people.

In which languages is the self-care journal available?

The self-care journal in Chiku is available in 6 languages: English, Hindi, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

What are the features of Chiku - Personal Diary & Daily Mood Tracker?

Some features of Chiku include logging your mood and activities, graphing and insights, reminders for daily journaling, motivational quotes and challenges, app lock for security, adding images to your story, happiness tracking, in-app blogs and quote of the day about mental health, community engagement, different diary themes, and dark mode option.

How can I download and start using Chiku?

You can download and start using Chiku - Personal Diary & Daily Mood Tracker today by finding the app on your preferred app store and installing it on your device.
I love this app so much and I've only had it for a day! It releves stress and it is just fun to write about your day. The only thing is, I don't like how slow the password is. When I put my password in, I ha...
A Vuk
Finally after sharing it one more time i would get the premium app. Bery happy with this app. Coming in great use
Mou Karmakar
Wow!!!!! amazing So it prefers 5 star 🌟
Md Jahir
LOVE this app so much,unlike other apps you get to chose how your feeling,and what made you that way.
Ella Korsten
It helped me a lot to understand my behavior....... So that I can modify it according to the situation..... To make it better...... 😊....... Loved this app..... Can try..... Will not disappoint u if u use i...
Sushma suprabha Thota
Very cute app
Sri Dewi