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About Routinery: Ritual/Routine

"Watch out for habits, it's fate." - Margaret Thatcher

Q. Do you think it is because of a lack of will?

According to Stanford psychologist BJ Fogg,
Preferences are said to surpass willpower.

When you want to get up and drink water,
You can drink water just sleeping with water next to the bed

If you adjust the specific environment that affects you,
you will act naturally.

Q. Why Routinery?

Do you still make a habit list,
and check for completion?

Routinery is based on behavioral science.

Just create a sequence of habits,
and focus on each habit.

This will prevent you from getting lost or stagnant in your habits.

Habits of routine allow you to follow your body and mind without strong will or motivation.

Healthy routines make good habits easier
and habits created through routines create a valuable future.

Trust us and follow us!

Errors and improvements are welcome at any time.

Email: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Do habits determine our fate?

According to Margaret Thatcher, "Watch out for habits, it's fate."

Is willpower the main factor influencing habits?

Stanford psychologist BJ Fogg suggests that preferences surpass willpower when it comes to habits.

Can adjusting our environment help in establishing desired habits?

Yes, if we adjust the specific environment that affects us, we are more likely to act naturally and follow desired habits.

Why should I choose Routinery for managing my habits?

Routinery is based on behavioral science and provides a structured approach to creating and focusing on habits. It helps prevent getting lost or stagnant in your habits.

How do routines and habits relate to each other?

Routines allow you to follow your body and mind without relying heavily on willpower or motivation. Healthy routines make it easier to develop and maintain good habits, which contribute to creating a valuable future.

How can I contact Routinery for feedback or suggestions?

You can email us at routinery[email protected]. We welcome errors and improvements at any time.
Awesome app but please slightly reduce the price of the yearly subscription. Thank you. Anyways, I subscribed for a year. Can you guys make statistics show more stats? A little deeper insights? Update: Can y...
Upakul Talukdar
This is a wonderful app I ever seen ❣️
Nivedita Pradhan
Absolutely love it 😍
Good ~
Yummy Rose
I'm a student this routin planner has customized icons, you can have more than one routins an many interesting feature and of course free of cost is there as well . Amazing!
nusrath unnisa
Thank you so so so much!!! ♥️♥️♥️
Sasha T