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About Simplish - Work and Life Organizer

Simplish is a beautiful and easy to use all-in-one workspace. Organize tasks, take notes and chat all in one place. Simplish combines the best of design, functionality and research-backed positive psychology to create a unique and memorable productivity and collaboration experience.

Features include:

* Tasks
* Notes
* Calendar
* Chat Messaging
* Collaboration
* Folders
* Designer Themes
* Photo Attachments
* Drag & Drop
* plus over 20 more features.
* plus 4 Workspace templates included

Download Simplish today, try it for free, and start living your best life..


Simplish is designed specifically for people who have a lot on their plates. It helps with context switching and group coordination in a way no other app comes close to doing. You’ll feel more focused and confident in your day and will be able to handle multiple things at once without feeling overwhelmed.

Dreaming of finally starting that side business? Need some help balancing work and life? Simplish helps you make progress everyday on your goals AND helps you organize your day to day life, all in one simple interface.

At the core of Simplish is something more than just a productivity tool - it is a path forward to be a more mentally healthy person. Based on months of research on productivity and positive psychology, Simplish is designed to help boost your mood; from the colors that we have chosen, the positive daily affirmations and features like the Daily Planner which is a shortlist of tasks to help you stay focused and present every single day. No more wasting brain power on the question, “What should I do next?”

Finally, Simplish was built with craftsmanship and care. Combining cutting edge technology with a thoughtful design, we took our time to make sure we built it right. No crashes, no frustrations - it just works. If it doesn’t work the way you expect, we have an attentive support staff waiting for you to help handle any technical issues you may have.

Contact support is on Instagram @simplish_app


* Create an unlimited number of workspaces to organize anything you're working on.
* Use it as an individual or coordinate a group of family, friends or co-workers.
* Share todo's, instantly assign tasks, and view them by person.
* Push tasks to a Daily Planner to give you focus on your day’s important tasks.
* View what everyone else is working on today in the Daily Planner.
* Track real-time progress across all your workspaces in an organized live social feed.


* Create notebooks to save shared memories and keep all your important info in one place so you and your partner don't keep forgetting things.
* Daily affirmations & inspirations to start your days positive and focused (coming soon)
* Calendar and planning abilities
* and much more..

Simplish is a powerful and flexible tool. People love using Simplish to help them with:

* Launching a business
* Building a product
* Managing multiple clients
* Coordinating a big event
* Managing small business employees
* Coordinating with assistants
* Managing a busy home
* Organizing day to day life
* Organizing group trips
* Building a side income
* Tracking home renovations
* and much more..


There’s a happier, more sane way to do things. We can accomplish a lot AND be better, emotionally and mentally healthier people. It’s not a zero sum game. Our hope is you find that Simplish helps you remember things better, helps you be more present, more creative and gives you more free time to enjoy life and be a happier person.

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I like the general simplicity and beautiful design of the app. The only thing I am missing is a visual calendar part, where I could adjust the task dates easily. Maybe with a beginning date as well. Please
Noémi Örvössy
Askash Mahato
Aakash Mahato
It's a really fun app
xX_itz_Linda Dark_Xx
I totally love it. All the features are great. I am soooo excited for the schedule feature to come, because online school you know?😂 it's amazing and I have no problems with it
Tash Mhlanga
This app has helped me plan, stay organized, and be efficient with the things I need to do. This app is better than a written to do list as it saves trees or paper and it organizes the activities you no long...
Flor Ramirez