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About Memorigi: To-do List, Tasks, Calendar, & Reminders

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Start small!

Memorigi is the most simple, intuitive, beautiful to-do list, task planner, calendar, and reminder app to help you stay organized, manage your day-to-day, skyrocket your productivity, and take control of your life.

Memorigi is the easiest and most powerful of all to do apps. You have lists to categorize your projects and tasks to track and accomplish what's meaninful and important to you.

To-do apps should work for you, not against you. With Memorigi you can quickly access your lists with swipe gestures. Its user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is perfectly tailored to make you feel like home.

Memorigi comes with an unparalleled number of amazing features powered by an unbeatable user experience and a colorful user-friendly user interface. Inspired by Material Design's language, Memorigi redefines how Premium to-do applications should look like.

Memorigi shared tasks help you stay connected and collaborate with family, friends, and co-workers.

Memorigi is by your side every step of the way. Memorigi will let you organize and plan your daily life. Whether is organizational or task management, Memorigi instills positive habits to hold you accountable and transform your life. Create simple todo lists, short and long-term goal lists, grocery and shopping lists. Track your high school and university projects. Create tasks with reminders for your payments and workout classes. Plan your vacations and events. Take notes. Focus on what matters to you. You name it! Your imagination is the limit.

• Get Things Done (GTD) philosophy - capture tasks first then plan
• My Day to focus on important tasks
• Calendar to plan your week and month
• Shared tasks to collaborate with friends, family, and co-workers
• Cloud synchronization to access your to do lists from anywhere

• Beautiful widget for your tasks and todo lists
• Powerful reminders with recurring patterns
• Colorful tasks and lists with icons to categorize your projects
• Subtasks to break your tasks into manageable steps
• Attachments to upload files to your tasks

• Grocery and shopping list
• Personal growth list
• Healthy life list
• Birthdays list
• Books to read list
• Payments list
• Family list
• Chores list
• and much more!

Cloud Storage - to safely store your tasks, lists, photos, and documents.
Google Calendar Integration - to see your calendar events and tasks side by side.*
My Day - to crush your day-to-day tasks and help you reach your goals.
Calendar - to see your recurrent and non-recurrent work for any given day.
Nag Me - to help you stop procrastination by continuously remind you of your uncompleted tasks.*
Swipe Gestures - to complete, snooze, or delete tasks.
Date Reminders - with recurrent patterns like weekly on Monday, and Thursday or every 2 hours occurring only 3 times.*
Location-aware Reminders - triggered when you arrive or leave a specific place (e.g. next time I arrive at work or next time I leave home).*
Statistics - to help you tracking your progress.*
Collaborative tasks - to share tasks with up to 20 users.*
Real-time synchronization - to keep your data always in sync across multiple devices.*
Lists, Colors, Icons, and Ringtones - for better, colorful, and richer organization.
Read Aloud - to read your due tasks aloud.*
Integrated Weather - to plan your week better and smarter.*

*Premium feature

Be Productive! Be Organized! Be Focused! Be Amazing!

Learn more about at:

Connect with us at

Twitter: @memorigi
Facebook: @memorigi
Instagram: @memorigiapp
Reddit: r/memorigi

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Memorigi?

Memorigi is a to-do list, task planner, calendar, and reminder app designed to help you stay organized and increase productivity.

What sets Memorigi apart from other to-do apps?

Memorigi is known for its simplicity, intuitive interface, and beautiful design. It offers a wide range of features and follows the principles of Material Design.

Can I collaborate with others using Memorigi?

Yes, Memorigi allows you to share tasks and collaborate with family, friends, and co-workers.

What can I accomplish with Memorigi?

With Memorigi, you can organize and plan your daily life, create to-do lists, set reminders, track projects, manage grocery and shopping lists, plan events, take notes, and more.

Does Memorigi have a daily planner feature?

Yes, Memorigi offers a daily planner that follows the "Get Things Done" philosophy, allowing you to capture tasks first and then plan your day.

Does Memorigi have a task manager?

Yes, Memorigi functions as a task manager and provides powerful reminders, colorful tasks and lists with icons for organization, subtasks, and the ability to attach files to tasks.

What other features does Memorigi offer?

Memorigi includes cloud storage for safe data storage, integration with Google Calendar, nagging reminders, swipe gestures for task management, date reminders with recurrent patterns, location-aware reminders, statistics tracking, real-time synchronization across devices, and more. Some features are available with premium subscription.

How can I learn more about Memorigi?

You can visit to learn more about the app and its features.

How can I connect with Memorigi on social media?

You can follow Memorigi on Twitter (@memorigi), Facebook (@memorigi), Instagram (@memorigiapp), and join the Memorigi subreddit (r/memorigi).
After recent Update, I couldn't open app. It is closed at the moment. Whyyyyyyyy....I love this app.⭐
Hedi Ye
Amazing app. I am a person that forgets things a lot but this app changed my life completely. It is colourful and I can do my challenges and i can see my progress. The team are amazing I had little problem a...
Tania. C. F
Really impressed by the sleek and minimalist UI design of this app! It's a great tool for organizing all your tasks and lists. The developer is also super responsive and helpful on any support enquiries.
Jody Denny
Excellent app ..and excellent support...impressed...
Mohit Adlakha
This is the best personal organizer I've ever tried and I've tried a lot believe me!
Pedro Magalhaes
very pretty and organized. easy to use. love it!!
Hams Saeed