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About Tasks & Notes

Tasks & Notes is a fully featured tasks with GTD, notes and check-list app with Office365, Google Tasks, and Exchange server support. Synchronize your items between your tablet, phone and PC with your Exchange server.

Please, do not post questions and negative comments in the reviews and contact us by email instead. We always respond to you in less than a few hours and help you delicately solve any issues including the price of the app.

See FAQ for more information:

Fully functional 14-day trial with a one-time price of $4.99 for all your devices

■ Office365, with two-factor authenticaton
■ Google Tasks with two-factor authenticaton
■ Direct push synchronization
■ Tasks and Check-Lists
■ Notes (Exchange 2010+)
■ Email To-Do list / Flagged mails (Exchange 2010+)
■ GTD with drag & drop
■ HTML body support (Exchange 2007 SP1+)
■ AutoDiscover
■ Multiple accounts, folders
■ SSL/TLS and client certificate support
■ Widgets
■ Badge Icon (Android 8.0+)
■ HTML / Rich Edit support with Undo / Redo
■ Google Now integration
■ Android Wear support
■ Print support
■ Tasker support
■ Invite people and share tasks
■ Share notes directly into the app (create items from any other app)
■ Password protection
■ Multiwindow support
■ Custom views with SQL filters
■ Search, 3 level sort, views

Tasks & Notes
■ Tasks reminders and notification (also LED) with Dismiss and Snooze actions
■ Tasks recurrence
■ Tasks GTD
■ Calendar integration with GTD (2-way sync)
■ Style your notes with bold, italic and underline
■ Links displayed and clickable (might cause FC on some ROMs, turn off the option in such case)
■ Pinch to zoom
■ Displays account name and color
■ Last modification time
■ Smooth and fast scrolling for large notes
■ Font customization (wrap, font size and font name)
■ Tasks properties and groups (group by due and category)
■ Move items between folders
■ Quick Actions (Title, Priority, Due, Completed, Move To Folder)
■ Delete completed tasks

■ Create shopping and to-do lists
■ Can be edited on your PC
■ Sort, reset and order items in your check-list
■ Context menu for extended actions
■ Check and uncheck items
■ Special structured text note

■ Offic365,, and Microsoft Exchange
■ Version 2.5, 12.0, 12.1, 14.0 and 14.1
■ Direct Push support
■ Setup a new account in Tools - Accounts - Add account
■ Tasks
■ Notes (Exchange 2010)
■ Flagged Emails (Exchange 2007 SP1)
■ Categories (Exchange 2010)
■ Client certificate support
■ Supported servers: Offic365, MS Exchange 2003-2013+, OneNote Outlook, IceWarp, Tine, Kerio, Zimbra, AkrutoSync, Zarafa, Z-Push, Horde and others

See our website for more information and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Tasks & Notes?

Tasks & Notes is a tasks app with GTD, notes, and check-list features that supports Office365, Google Tasks,, and Exchange server. It allows you to synchronize your items across multiple devices.

How can I contact support for Tasks & Notes?

Please contact us by email instead of posting questions or negative comments in the reviews. We respond to emails within a few hours and help solve any issues, including pricing.

Is there a trial version of Tasks & Notes?

Yes, there is a fully functional 14-day trial available. After the trial period, the app can be purchased for a one-time price of $4.99 for all your devices.

What email services are supported by Tasks & Notes?

Tasks & Notes supports Office365,, and Google Tasks. It also has Exchange server support.

What features does Tasks & Notes offer?

Tasks & Notes offers features such as tasks and check-lists, notes support, email To-Do list, GTD with drag & drop, multiple accounts and folders, SSL/TLS and client certificate support, widgets, and more.

Can I customize the appearance of my notes in Tasks & Notes?

Yes, Tasks & Notes allows you to style your notes with bold, italic, and underline formatting. You can also customize the font size, font name, and choose whether to wrap the text.

Can I create shopping and to-do lists in Tasks & Notes?

Yes, Tasks & Notes allows you to create shopping and to-do lists that can be easily edited on your PC. You can also sort, reset, and order items in your check-list.

What synchronization options are available in Tasks & Notes?

Tasks & Notes supports synchronization with Office365,,, and Microsoft Exchange. It also supports direct push synchronization and allows you to set up a new account in the app's Tools - Accounts - Add account section.
Very good app
Paras Desai
Myvtask ossues are entirely on my email provider's sode, this app works exactly as intended.
Matthew Simpson
Helps me manage an extremely mobile life well
Kim Flagstad
Sophisticated and customisable task manager with strong, resilient Outlook synchronisation. Great.
Works well. A learning curve but worth it.
Montague Boyd
It's the only app I found that links with Exchange Tasks and it's a good To Do app, so I'm satisfied.
Daniel Dickinson