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About Notesnook - A safe place to write & stay organized

Notesnook is a simple and private note taking app that keeps your notes organized and synced on your phone, tablet and computer.

Take notes, capture ideas, create to-do lists, keep a journal or write your assignments and projects, we have got you covered.

We believe that note taking should be a simple and hassle free task, same as opening a notebook and writing down important information and closing it without worrying about anything else. From simple tags and colors to more advanced notebooks you can organize your notes depending upon their importance.

Made to protect your privacy
Notesnook keeps your notes safe without sacrificing productivity. We use best-in-class encryption algorithms XChaCha20-Poly1305 & Argon2 that are stronger & safer than AES256, impenetrable & future-proof. Your data is encrypted on your device. No one but you can read your notes (not even us). Write and record anything without worry.

While keeping you in sync
Syncing your notes was never this safe and easy. All your notes are automatically encrypted on your device and synced without you having to press any button or change any settings. Notesnook is safe, private and secure by default.

Sync to unlimited devices
You can install notesnook on unlimited devices and sync across them. We have made sure that where ever you are, your notes are always with you.

Available on all major platforms
Your notes are always with you where ever you go and no matter what device you are on. Notesnook is available on all your devices including your Android devices, Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Web.

Secure local vault
You can set up a vault to keep your notesrprivate & locked locally on your device. Notes in the vault can be only be accessed with the vault password or with bio-metrics if enabled.

App Lock
You can use the built-in App Lock so that no one can see what you are working even if someone has borrowed your phone.

Organize your notes like never before
• Create notesbooks and topics
• Assign colors to your notes for quick access from the menu
• Use tags such as #work, #school #recipies to categorize notes
• Pin most important notes and notebooks to top
Add notebook, topic and tag shortcuts to menu for quick access.

Offline access
You do not need an internet connection to use Notesnook. You can add and edit all your notes offline and they will be synced when you are connected again.

Rich text editor with markdown
Notesnook provides full rich text editor with markdown for taking notes. You can add images, video-embeds, tables, checklists and anything you like inside your notes.

Export notes as PDF, HTML, Markdown and Text
Export your notes in all the most commonly used formats such as PDF, HTML, Markdown and Plain Text.

Backup Data
Backup your data to a single backup file which you can restore back anytime in case you lose access to your account. You can also encrypt all backups so they are always safe.

UI Themes & accents
Change the look and feel of Notesnook according to your preference.

Dark mode
Switch to dark mode at night and make those eyes happy while you write your notes.

Visit to download Notesnook for your other devices.

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Loved its simplicity 👌
Eyerusalem Tesfaye
Nice and easy perfect for quick notes
Fazzal Shahid
Good Work dude keep it up
Faizan Ahmad