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About Nimbus Note - Useful notepad and organizer

Nimbus Notes is a powerful notes app and organizer that helps you gather and organize your information — all in one place. There’s no need to spend time searching for your notes anymore. Create text notes, scan documents/business cards and make to-do lists. Synchronize it all with Nimbus Note for future viewing and editing on other devices.

Conveniently manage your notes

- Create notes in the editor with formatting support — bold, strike, underline, code, quotes, headers, etc.
- Add pictures, audio, video, documents, and other types of files.
- Markdown support.
- Save any information from the Internet using the Nimbus Note web clipper.
- Scan and digitise any paper documents, business cards and pictures using the camera device. The text recognition feature will let you work with scanned files as well as regular notes.

Organize your notes

- Workspaces - separate personal information from the work-related kind. Create separate databases of notes (with own folders and tags) for different purposes within a single account;
- Create folders and subfolders.
- Use tags to add context to notes.

Group collaboration on notes

- Invite other people to collaborate on notes;
- Assign editing rights to each participant (admin, can edit, or reading only);

Get complete control over your workflow and daily errands

- Add to-do lists to your notes.
- Set location and time reminders for your tasks.
- Geo-tag notes on the map.

Your notes available anywhere, anytime

- All of your notes are available on any of your devices — anytime, anywhere.
- Nimbus Note has synchronization.
- Create a note on your Android phone, add to that note on your PC, and finish it later in a Google Chrome browser.
- Offline access to your notes.

Document scanner in your phone

- Scan documents, pictures, handwritten notes;
- Auto-define document borders;
- Special filters allow making the document black and white or enhance the colors;

Business card scanning

- Card borders auto-defined;
- Auto-recognition of text from business cards;
- Auto-completion of the name, address, phone fields etc.
- Saving business card data as a convenient digital contact;


Widgets are available for:

- Quickly creating multiple notes.
- Displaying lists of notes.


- Nimbus Note is optionally protected with an additional passcode;

Powerful search

- Nimbus Note can search through text AND images.
- Search text in DOC/PDF/XLS/XML/HTML files.

Here are a few examples of how you can use Nimbus Note:

Are you a businessman that plans up-to-the-minute, days in advance? Even at such a fast pace, you can always keep track of everything. Nimbus Note will help you remember what is important — and also help you remember the most useful information. It’s easy and convenient to share your notes with colleagues and business partners.

Perhaps you are a student doing research? When there is too much information to process, it can be quite a challenge to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Nimbus Note will help you keep the most important information readily available, organize your data, and remember all of your important events in every stage of your studies.

Maybe you are a writer that finds it difficult to part with a laptop? Nimbus Note helps ensure that not a single thought goes unrecorded. It’s easy to take notes wherever you happen to be. Don’t worry misplacing critical information, because it's all available in a secure place, on storage that is always accessible from anywhere.

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I'm very grateful for Nimbus. It helps me keep organized at work. The app is great. I can stuff ideas into my "second brain" whenever they come to me. Works great.
Rick Stender
Love it
Codi Mansbridge
Best note taking apps ever!
Zatie Wanderer