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About Notepad – Notes and Notebook

Notes is a note-taking app for checklists, making notes, and lists - sharing and creating notes during calls.

Notepad: Simple notes allow you to make quick notes, archived and pinned notes. And always stay on top of you notes after calls with the after call menu. The free notes app offers a variety of tools for taking notes, including texts, lists, images, and audio.

Notepad free is a simple text editor for android; it creates and edits plain text documents. A notebook is a digital notebook or stack of paper pages that are often ruled and used for purposes such as note-taking, journaling, or other writing!

Features ✎
• Free notepad simple and user-friendly simple notepad app
• Easy to create text notes and edit, save and delete my notes in the notebook
• Automatic note saving in the free simple notepad
• Notepad supports pin, archived, and exporting to PDF files for notes
• Sort your notes in your notepad by date or title; find notes quickly
• Pin keynotes and view them with the notes widget
• Make color notes and apply the color theme: Dark/Light
• Quick memos, notes, and lists
• Sticky notes free and view notebook
• Share notes from your notepad via SMS, e-mail, Twitter, or Other

Notebook Free is a simple sticky note and easy-to-use notepad for notes, shopping lists, to-do lists, good note writing, and a calendar.

My Notebook is used for creating text notes, school notes, checklist, and colornotes. With this easy notes and notepad app, take quick notes with colorful backgrounds and lists to organize notes and tasks easily. Onenote is the best note taking app, and use this note taker to add photos to my notes diary.

Notepad + is a simple notes and awesome notepad app. Noteit gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when you write notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists, and to-do lists. Taking notes with Notpad. Free Notepad is easier than any other notepad, writing pad, or memo pad app.

Color Note Free is a good notes taking app and notebook for keeping notes and organizing tasks. Notepads are all-in-one free notes that capture a to-do list, save notes automatically, avoid losing notes, and quickly change text color and font size.

Simple Notes Pro allows you to recover deleted notes for free. This notes app helps you create thousands of notes free according to your needs. Keep my notes save automatically using this simple notepad free! Note app provides a note widget and notepad widget for the note book.

Note pad is a simple notes app that helps you create notes quickly and easily with your smartphone anywhere, anytime! Take one note on the fly, make a simple free notepad for the day and write down things you need to remember.


• This app is a free notes app that is in the process of product development and improvement. For your privacy and data protection, we do not have access to any of your notes or store any information.

• If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected].

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