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About Nebo - Take better notes

Powerful digital note-taking for professionals and students.

Driven by the world’s most accurate handwriting recognition in 66 languages, Nebo wins back time from your workflow.

Create handwritten notes and diagrams, sketch ideas and import images, then convert your work to clean, editable and shareable content.

• Use your pen¹ to take notes.
• Draw sketches or interactive diagrams to quickly write down ideas and develop them further. You can also easily annotate images.
• Easily switch between your pen¹ and your keyboard, and take your notes even faster.

• Structure your notes with paragraphs and lists. Create titles and highlight text using intuitive gestures.
• Convert your handwriting with confidence using the most powerful recognition engine.
• Complete your document by pasting text copied from other apps.

• Share notes with your contacts or publish them to be viewed from any browser.
• Convert your note instantly into Word, text, PDF or HTML format. Copy/paste fully editable diagrams to PowerPoint or as images to other apps.
• Store your notebooks in collections and search for handwritten ink and typed text across all notes in your library.

*** Detailed feature list ***

• Edit and format with your pen¹ — Write, add or remove content and space, decorate and apply styles using MyScript Interactive Ink technology.
• Switch between pen and keyboard — Add content or edit existing text with your keyboard, whether it is handwritten or converted. Select and copy/paste text in Nebo or to any other app.
• Freeform sections — Quickly mix handwritten text, shapes and drawings. Copy the content to any page or other apps.
• Create interactive diagrams — Copy/paste fully editable diagrams to PowerPoint or as images to other apps.
• Draw free elements — Sketch freely in your note.
• Annotate pictures — Add an image from your gallery or a picture from your camera and use your pen to annotate them.
• Work with smart math — Develop your handwritten equations and matrices across several lines. Solve your calculations. Copy them as LaTeX or as images.

• Auto-layout — The page expands as you write and reflows the text to preserve the optimal size for any screen width.
• Paste external text — Copy/paste text from any app. You can even add it inside your handwritten paragraphs.
• Manage your notes — Organize your pages in notebooks and collections. Move your notes from one notebook or collection to another, in the most intuitive and fluid manner.
• Backup - Store full backups of your notes wherever you want and restore them in Nebo.
• Search — Find handwritten ink and text across all notes in your library, including in your diagrams.
• Dictionary - Add custom words like names or technical terms to improve their recognition.

• Export — Decide where to take your notes next: Export pages as Word (.docx), text, PDF or HTML.
• Publish your pages - Share your notes with others through the Nebo website. Limit access to a list of contacts or allow anyone to view your note with a unique link.
• Sync — Sync your notes with Google Drive or Dropbox. Requires a free MyScript account.

Check the minimum and recommended requirements for Nebo:

¹ You can use any compatible active or passive pen to handwrite in Nebo. More details at

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Nebo?

Nebo is a powerful digital note-taking app for professionals and students.

What can I do with Nebo?

With Nebo, you can take handwritten notes, draw sketches and diagrams, import images, and convert your work to clean, editable, and shareable content.

Can I use a pen to take notes in Nebo?

Yes, you can use a compatible active or passive pen to take notes in Nebo.

Can I switch between using a pen and a keyboard in Nebo?

Yes, you can easily switch between your pen and keyboard in Nebo to take notes even faster.

Can I edit and format my notes in Nebo?

Yes, you can structure your notes with paragraphs and lists, create titles, highlight text, and use intuitive gestures to edit and format your notes in Nebo.

Can Nebo recognize my handwriting?

Yes, Nebo uses the most powerful recognition engine to convert your handwriting with confidence.

Can I share my notes with others?

Yes, you can share your notes with your contacts or publish them to be viewed from any browser.

Can I convert my notes to different formats?

Yes, you can instantly convert your notes into Word, text, PDF, or HTML format in Nebo.

Can I search for specific words or phrases in my notes?

Yes, you can search for handwritten ink and typed text across all notes in your library in Nebo.

Can I sync my notes with other cloud storage services?

Yes, you can sync your notes with Google Drive or Dropbox by using a free MyScript account.
I love this app. It is great for taking notes during meetings. I haven't used a piece of paper for notes since I instalIed this app. Simply take notes, export to my PC as docx, do a tiny bit of formatting, a...
Brad Voss
Amazing handwriting recognition (best you can find) for normal text and math equations. Equations can be copied/converted to LaTeX so they can be used in other documents as well. I have been using it for qui...
Jochin van Vliet
Thanks for updating the app to support all pens!
Nick Patella
I want to have transparent page feature so that I can take note while watching articles or lectures on screen. please think about it in next updates . thanks.
The best because of word search and large writing space (something that you can only achieve in samsung notes in landscape mode if you zoom in, which makes writing laggy). What I would like to be added: grap...
Radu Comanescu
best note taking app out there! Thanks
Adam Mednick