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About Notewise - Good Notes & PDF

Notewise is a digital note-taking app designed and built for Android. Notewise aims to enrich lives and unleash new ideas of students, teachers, artists, and more professionals. We hope to inspire your creativity and improve your productivity by providing you with the most outstanding writing experience on a digital whiteboard ever. Notewise is the top choice for your academic notes, professional memos, presentation slides, personal diaries or even travel journals.
✍🏻 Revolutionary handwriting experience
- Take handwritten notes naturally and smoothly on your Android tablets and phones. You can write, draw, and sketch using both your fingers and stylus with near zero latency in performance.
- Get paper like writing and sketching experience with our powerful sketch technology. Our sophisticated graphical engine will make your calligraphy look even more beautiful digitally.
- With the smart palm rejection technology, you can write with great confidence just like on a real paper or a notebook.
- Use fingers for zooming or scrolling seamlessly while taking a note. Ideas will never get interrupted.
- Utilize a great range of pens (fountain pen, ball pen, brush pen) and highlighters in different sizes, colors, thickness, and pressure sensitivity.
- Our goal is to help you take distinctive good notes compared with all traditional notepads and digital memos.
📄 Powerful PDF Annotation & Markup
- Import a PDF of any size to empower yourself during a class or a meeting.
- Reorganize, duplicate, and resize any pages in your PDF.
- Use the powerful toolbox provided by Notewise to annotate, markup and sign on your lecture notes or reading materials.
🛠 A wide spectrum of tools
- Calibrate your creativity using our powerful eraser with unprecedented precision.
- Import and mark on an image to accelerate your productivity and beatify your handwritten notes at the same time.
- Enrich your professional notes or decorate your diary calligraphy with some perfect shapes in oval, rectangle, or triangle to make it more aesthetic.
- Add a text box anywhere with a fully customizable style in your meeting minute or academic note, or professional memo.
- Select on and modify even a single stoke with the splendid lasso tool. Redesigning your ideas have never become easier before.
- Customize your notes in various of sizes, scales, and backgrounds. Zoom in to adjust your design details, while out to present an overall slide view.
- Choose from plenty of note templates and colors, such as blank paper, ruled paper, grid paper and dotted paper. You can simulate handwriting scenario on paper, notebook and even blackboard.
🗂 Structural note workspace
- Organize your work, school, and personal life using unlimited folders, and classify your lecture notes, meeting memos, and travel plans in a clear structural workspace.
- Unlimited pages in one note. Add, delete, duplicate, and reorder pages at your fingertips, leaving you huge freedom to plan and design good notes.
- Sort your good notes in a chronological or an alphabetical order. There are so much more flexibilities that you could explore within the workspace.
🔗 Note sharing
- Export your notes as PDF or images with high quality.
- Export multiple pages at once, combining them into one file as needed.
- The exported notes are extremely suitable for printing, presentation and more.
➕ Other features
- Auto save by default. Our chic sketch engine optimizes the note storage and save many spaces on your device for more.
- Easy undo & redo for high fault tolerance.
- Your goodnotes are processed into thumbnails in timely manner and you can browse your goodnotes collection without opening each one of them.
- Use Notewise digital whiteboard as a presentation slide or a teaching blackboard. The versatile pointer tool will help you spot focus and attract attention. Great to be used as handwriting whiteboard, blackboard and notepad.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Notewise?

Notewise is a digital note-taking app designed for Android that aims to enrich lives and unleash creativity for students, teachers, artists, and professionals.

What features does Notewise offer for handwriting notes?

Notewise offers a revolutionary handwriting experience with natural and smooth note-taking on Android devices. You can write, draw, and sketch using both your fingers and stylus with near zero latency. The app also provides paper like writing and sketching experience, palm rejection technology, zooming and scrolling functionality, and a wide range of pens and highlighters.

Can I annotate and markup PDFs with Notewise?

Yes, you can import PDFs of any size and use Notewise to annotate, markup, and sign on your lecture notes or reading materials.

What other tools does Notewise offer?

Notewise offers a wide spectrum of tools including a powerful eraser, image import and mark, perfect shapes for decoration, customizable text boxes, lasso tool for modifying strokes, customizable note sizes and backgrounds, and various note templates and colors.

How does Notewise help in organizing notes?

Notewise allows you to organize your notes in unlimited folders and classify them based on your work, school, and personal life. You can also have unlimited pages in one note, add, delete, duplicate, and reorder pages as needed, and sort your notes in chronological or alphabetical order.

Can I share my notes with others using Notewise?

Yes, you can export your notes as PDFs or images with high quality. You can also export multiple pages at once and combine them into one file if needed. The exported notes are suitable for printing, presentations, and more.

What are some other features of Notewise?

Notewise has auto-save, easy undo and redo functionality, thumbnail browsing for quick access to your notes, and it can be used as a presentation slide or teaching blackboard with the versatile pointer tool. It is great for handwriting, whiteboard, blackboard, and notepad purposes.
Editing my review bc cool optimization plus support team is so responsive. might consider paid version. I hope devs will release update where I can pin colors in a corner
Joanne Biso
It's nice
Fantastic! Clean, simple, easy to use and the features are excellent.
May Bee
Just needs some improvement and addition of more features like goodnotes
Atharv Parmar
I love the interface. Needs a little bit of imptovemt, but I like the app overall. A good alternative to Goodnotes.
May Roland
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