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About Notes in folders with checklists and pictures

The app "Noteful" is packed with many small and large functions:

✔️ Text notes
Create as many text notes as you want.

✔️ Pictures
Add one or more pictures to the notes (in-app purchase).

✔️ Checklists
Create notes as checklists.
The individual entries within the checklists can be checked off and sorted.

✔️ Subfolder
Create as many sub-folders as you like - create your own notes structure.
Folders can be customized with symbols and colors (in-app purchase).

✔️ Search function
A quick full-text search enables you to find all notes and folders.

✔️ Pinning
The subfolders or notes can be pinned anywhere within a folder and are thus at the top of the list.

✔️ Favorites
A central favorites list for notes and folders gives you quick access to your most important notes.

✔️ Recent
With a separate list for the most recently edited notes, you can quickly pick up where you left off.

✔️ Move
Notes can also be moved to other folders at any time.

✔️ Cancel
Almost every action can be quickly undone.

✔️ Trash
Deleted notes are stored in the recycle bin and can be restored or permanently deleted.

✔️ Offline
The app can be used offline without an internet connection.

✔️ Synchronization
If you wish, you can access your notes from multiple devices via synchronization via your Google Drive.

✔️ Backup
A manual backup enables the export and import of all notes.

✔️ Dark mode
The app supports the dark mode of your smartphone (dark theme).

In later updates there will be added:

Sorting of the notes and folders by creation date, modification date, title, both ascending or descending - as well as manual sorting
Secure individual folders with a PIN or fingerprint
Secure the app with a PIN or fingerprint

Information on deinstallation

Please use the "synchronization" or the "backup" within the app to avoid accidental data loss.
Especially before switching from the beta version to the release version.

The synchronization stores the data in a special hidden folder for apps on your Google Drive.
Access to this folder is only possible via the app.

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