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About Reach it: Goals, Tasks, & Habit Tracker

Achieve your 2021 new year's resolution with us!

Reach it is a free & simple app to help you to reach your goals

🚩 Plan your goals in seconds

• Use our smart goal templates to create a goal with single tap

✔ Set up tasks or subgoals

• Break down your goals into collection of tasks

🎨 Keep your goals organized

• Organize your goals based on its categories

📈 Track your habits

• Develop your good habits and track your progress

⏰ Set up a reminder

• Never miss your habits with our reminder

🔥 Stay motivated

• Our morning notification is ready to motivate and inspire you every single day

Main features:
✨Goal planner
✨Tasks or to do list
✨Habit tracker
✨Habit reminder
✨Morning motivation

There are tons of to do list app, habit tracker, goal or dream planner, reminder, etc but very few have all of them in one. Reach it is here to help you get all of that and make the most of it in the easiest ways. Whether you want to set a long term goal or just a daily habit, we make it simple to manage all of that.

Be productive, stay motivated, and reach your goals - Reach it

• • •

We're just getting started. We have many features coming soon and we will add all of that one by one as soon as possible. What do you think about Reach it? What is your favorite thing about our app? What kind of features do you want to add? Having a trouble? Let us know! We will try our best to improve our app 💪

Contact us at: [email protected]

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