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About stickK: Find Motivation & Turn Goals Into Habits

▌stickK: the poster child of Behavioral Economics (featured in over a dozen books) turns 13 years old!
▌You asked, we delivered: the perfect habit tracker now has DAILY check-ins and Reports! An unparalleled Commitment Device
▌As seen on The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Psychology Today, Bloomberg, The Economist, NPR, LA Times … and lots more!

No matter what your goal is - meditate, learn a language, lose weight, quit smoking or drinking, watch less TV, exercise more often… stickK can motivate and help you achieve it! End procrastination once and for all. Hold yourself accountable.

Created by a Behavioral Economist and a Law Professor from Yale University, stickK is a goal-setting platform, habit tracker and online community of goal-setters. Our platform is designed to motivate and help you achieve your goals by leveraging the power of incentives, financial accountability and social accountability to your advantage.

Trick yourself into a virtuous cycle, turn your goal into a habit and stop procrastinating once and for all: create a Commitment Contract between *present* you and *future* you.

1. Set your goal - ANY goal (lose weight, self-care, meditation, finish thesis…) and a timeline to achieve it
2. Invite someone - a friend, coworker or family member - to hold you accountable and verify your progress
3. Put your money where your mouth is! Set a price on inaction - add Stakes to your commitment (optional)
4. Track your progress by reporting your successes or failures daily, weekly OR at the end of your Commitment Contract

- Invite a Referee that can verify your progress reports. They’ll have the final word on your Report and will be an essential part of your journey.
- We’ll take their word over yours, so pick wisely!

- Add Stakes to your commitment and increase the chances of success
- If you’re unsuccessful, stickK will hold you accountable and send the amount at stake you pledged to:
- A friend
- Charity (from a list of 20+ 501(c)(3) organizations)
Or our most popular option:
- An Anti Charity (an organization or foundation you fervently oppose)

Get an extra kick of motivation and select an Anti-Charity. Research shows that people work harder to ensure that their money never falls into the wrong hands ;)

- Upload pictures of your progress and share with friends & family
- Invite Supporters to become your personal cheerleaders and source of motivation

- Track your routine from start to finish in your Commitment Journal: record your thoughts, comments & – see yourself grow!
- Submit daily, weekly or periodic Reports: whether it’s a daily chore, a new habit, or a long-term commitment, stickK’s platform can suit any goal


With a vibrant support network of over 600,000 users, stickK Communities provide an unrivaled level of motivation and inspiration for like-minded goal setters.

See what others like you are committing to, motivate them with your creative Commitments and share your progress! Our Communities include:
• Career
• Diet & Healthy Eating
• Education & Knowledge
• Exercise & Fitness
• Family & Relationships
• Green Initiatives
• Money & Finance
• Weight Loss
• Sports, Hobbies & Recreation
• Health & Lifestyle

Whether you’re the everyday slacker trying to get some clarity in life with routine meditations, a life-long smoker who is looking to quit once and for all, or the casual runner that wants to step-it-up and run a marathon— stickK is the most motivating habit tracker out there that challenges you to stick(K) to your word, regardless of the goal!

As always, if you run into any troubles, let us know at [email protected].

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Changed my life
Sarab Singh
Love that this is research based!
I'm very happy with this app. I have been using it for a few days now. I appreciate the design and it is free to use. It's a good way to help you maintain your goals. Or even start a goal.
mason k
Great! Exactly what I was looking for!
Mel Alexander
Enter the commitments online, and use the app to help track/remind you
Dana Donahue
Patrick 70267459
Patrick Bou tayeh