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About Thinkladder - Self-awareness & Mental Wellness

Thinkladder is a collaboration of mental health professionals, creatives, contributors, and developers that have teamed together to provide you with a beautiful self-discovery journey.

Thinkladder is a guide that helps link symptoms to underlying limiting beliefs and then offers the opportunity to challenge those beliefs with insights collated by our mental health professionals.

With Thinkladder, you can set reminders to help you build new thought patterns centred around the relevant insights that you have discovered.

Just like you, Thinkladder is growing. At the moment, you can explore themes including:

Social / Physical Distancing
Loss of Job
Correction & Criticism
People Pleasing
I Must Be Dumb
Comparing Myself to Others
Compassion Fatigue
Body Image
Startups and Founders

Some recent reviews:

"Can work wonders, give it 10 minutes!
I use Thinkladder every few months and have found its reminders very helpful in realizing and understanding my mental blocks. Truly wonderful!!"
Bhooka Bheriya - India - Oct 12, 2020

"I love love love this app! I just discovered it, but I've been looking a long time for an app to help me cope with social anxiety/perfectionism/low self esteem... It really helps me understand my feelings and try to confront them head on!"
anovbell - Belgium - Jan 12, 2020

If only it would continue the content where it was left it would be perfect.(when pressing back bottom)
Fatemeh A
The content is straightforward, which is helpful in a short amount of time if I am ruminating in my negative thoughts. I especially like the multiple options of symptoms to choose from.
Aleli B.
Most Underrated App! It should deserve 4.8⭐
Pratham Sawlani