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About Guided Mental Health Journal - Iona Mind

86% of users report feeling better after their first session with Iona Mind: the AI journal with empathy.

Many of us suffer from stress, anxiety, low mood, poor sleep or generally feeling disconnected.

That’s why we created Iona Mind: your guide for fitness of the mind.

Whether you’re seeking support through challenging times or simply seeking personal growth, we’re here, in your pocket, 24/7.

Iona Mind is something new and different. We aim to help you deal with the causes of problems, not just the symptoms. We use the latest scientifically backed tools from CBT and performance psychology.


😀 Track your mood and identify patterns of thinking and behaviour.

🔨 Tools and exercises to manage stress, anxiety and low mood.

🔬 Personalised plans, based on science, to help you achieve your mental fitness goals.

📝 Daily gratitude journal and guided mental health check-ins.

🧘 Meditation and mindfulness exercises.

😊 Increase emotional awareness and manage difficult feelings.

🗣️ Understand your internal dialogue and make sure it’s working for you.

💭 Insights into common thinking patterns and biases.

📚 A library of helpful concepts and information drawn from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).


🔒 Everything you do in the app is private and confidential. Your data is not shared or sold and can be permanently deleted at any time.

Guided Mental Health Check-ins and Smart Journaling

★ With a smart daily gratitude journal and guided mental health check-ins, you can build habits that improve your mental wellbeing and emotional resilience.

★ Iona walks you through guided check-ins to help you understand your internal dialogue and make sure it’s serving you. It’s like having a little therapist or coach in your pocket.

★ Manage difficult feelings by reflecting on your experiences or enhance positive emotions during times of success, happiness or fulfillment.

Your complete guide to fitness of the mind

- Monitor your moods with smart mood tracking
- Achieve your goals with personalized goal setting
- Get personalized insights into your thoughts and biases
- Understand and learn key concepts from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
- Access a library of psychological exercises
- Interact with Iona, your self-care companion
- Calm anxiety and boost mood
- Learn about your emotional and mental health
- Reduce stress and improve sleep
- Self-help for challenges, big and small
- Manage stress, anxiety and low mood
- Keep a daily gratitude journal
- Learn calming breathing techniques
- Practice mindfulness and meditation
- Manage difficult feelings through personalized dialogues
- Understand your self-talk and ensure it’s working for you
- Interact with a conversational artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot
- Build resilience through regular reflections
- Education about mental health and well-being

From our users:

“This is a really thorough and well rounded app, in my opinion it is good for everyone, whether or not you have anxiety, depression or other issues. It is so important to keep the mind healthy and this app provides many starting points and innovative ideas to help you along the way. With this app it is always your journey and you dictate the speed. I thoroughly enjoy using it and it has become my daily companion” - Ying Li

”Surprisingly helpful! Love this new idea. I like how this app is really clear and guides you by the hand through different exercises. It's not like stuff I've tried before but it's really helped me stop worrying. I like that it's based on CBT. I've had that in the past and it was also useful” - JH

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Very pleasant and kind program. Each individual needs and deserves tailor-made AI and this is made for me it's gentle and mindful and smart. It doesn't put pressure on you and I like the idea of not having t...
Carly C
I have severe anxiety and panic attacks. This app really helps me in the moment. If I feel one coming on I drop everything and get on this app and go through the conversation and exercises. I use to do couns...
Julia Ann
this is the first app I have ever reviewed and I've only had it for less than 24 hours. it's seriously so helpful I already feel my mental health has improved
Shannon M. Hoffman