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About Online Therapy, Emotional diary, Mindfulness tools

Online therapy for anxiety, depression, stress and couples with top psychologists.

ifeel helps people overcome the challenges of everyday life with the support of licensed and specialised online psychologists. Something worrying you or creating feelings of anxiety or depression? Going through a tough time in your relationship? Is your self-esteem a bit low lately? Are your work or studies a source of stress? At ifeel you’ll find the help you need and deserve. We created ifeel so everyone can have access to the best personalised, professional, affordable and confidential psychological online therapy.

Psychological support can be crucial during many periods of our life. For this reason at ifeel we want you to have access to professional help whenever you may need it: it’s a bit like having your licensed psychologist in your pocket. You’ll be able to talk to your dedicated psychologist through a chat or videocall - whatever works best for you - anytime and anywhere.
Online psychology allows connecting everyone with the professional that is best suited for their individual needs, increasing the possibility of a successful therapy process. At ifeel we think everyone deserves dedicated and customised attention. You can subscribe to our online therapy plans from € 24.99/week and start your therapy right away. Online therapy offers more convenience, higher flexibility and much more affordable prices. You won’t need to worry about scheduling a session, commuting or arranging your day around a face-to-face meeting with your psychologist.

At ifeel we believe therapy should be an ongoing and seamless process. Once you are assigned your dedicated therapist, you will enter an online therapy “virtual room” created specifically for you. This room will be open 24 hours a day and is a completely private and confidential space, where only you and your personal psychologist will be able to communicate. This is the virtual space where you and your dedicated therapist will work together to achieve your objectives.
All the professionals on our platform are licensed psychologists with years of experience in online therapy. They undergo a rigorous selection process and receive periodical training. They also constantly attend supervision and follow-up sessions.

Our online psychologists have helped our patients in these areas:
☆ therapy to overcome depression without medication
☆ therapy to learn how to deal with anxiety (e.g. social anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, etc.)
☆ solve relationship issues with our couples therapy
☆ relaxation techniques to manage and relieve stress
☆ techniques to improve your social skills and effective communication
☆ methods for self-improvement and many more…

Asking for help takes courage. If you’re still not ready to take the step and need a little help you can start by using our free tools. We offer a vast array of free exercises to reduce stress, control anxiety, different relaxation techniques, a breathing assistant, relevant blog articles and mindfulness exercises. All the tools are designed by licensed, clinical psychologists with the aim of supporting you throughout the day-to-day challenges. All the tools are completely free and for you to use at your own convenience.

Any question or feedback? Please reach us at [email protected]. We will always try to get back as quickly as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is ifeel?

ifeel is an online therapy platform that provides support for anxiety, depression, stress, and couples therapy with licensed and specialized online psychologists.

How much does online therapy cost on ifeel?

Online therapy on ifeel starts from €24.99/week, offering more convenience, flexibility, and affordability compared to traditional face-to-face therapy sessions.

How does ifeel work?

Once you are assigned your dedicated therapist, you will enter an online therapy "virtual room" where you can communicate privately and confidentially with your personal psychologist. This room is accessible 24/7 and is designed specifically for you to work together with your therapist to achieve your goals.

What areas can ifeel help in therapy?

ifeel's online psychologists have helped patients in various areas, including depression, anxiety (such as social anxiety, phobias, panic attacks), relationship issues, stress management, social skills improvement, self-improvement, and more.

What if I'm not ready for therapy yet?

ifeel understands that asking for help takes courage. If you're not ready for therapy, you can start by using their free tools, which include exercises to reduce stress, control anxiety, relaxation techniques, a breathing assistant, relevant blog articles, and mindfulness exercises. These tools are designed by licensed, clinical psychologists and are available for your convenience.

How can I contact ifeel?

For any questions or feedback, you can reach ifeel at They strive to respond as quickly as possible.
Nikki Monnika
One of the best apps ever I would recommend this to anyone who is having problems. This a great app👌
Muy buena experiencia. Además de los espacios para hacer un diario personal, te propone ejercicios y técnicas acordes a tu situación psicológica. Por otro lado, tras hacer los test, te proponen un psicólogo/...
Olof Cejas Pérez
Great experience, very professionals
Jordi Naranjo
I love this app it had helped me alot
Zoe Ayala
I fell better when I use this app.
Geovanny_sw k1hm