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About Mindspa: Self Help 4UR Mental Wellbeing & Wellness

Are you often feeling sad, lonely, doubtful, or frustrated? Are you also frequently emotionally burdened by guilt, distrust, jealousy, envy, shyness, apathy, and other complex feelings?

Do you want to improve your life, increase your emotional intelligence and feel calm, relaxed, confident, and overall happier? If meditation, Yoga, and other mindfulness practices are not for you, it’s time to coach yourself a little psychology.

Welcome to Mindspa – the all in one app for your mental health wellbeing.

Using a variety of psychology based self improvement articles, self assessment tools, mental wellness workouts, and life improvement courses, we help you cope with difficult emotions in order to make your life better.

Say yes to personalised and professional self development and see your life grow daily.

Find resources, mental wellness tips, and tools to familiarise with your emotions, to better understand your needs and to help you focus and to achieve your desires, for your personal life as well as your relationships with others. We provide practical advice and accessible tools to support your mental wellbeing every day.

Use the in-built mood and psychotherapeutic diary to track your moods, emotions, or situations in your personal life that inspired you or make you feel down. Use it as a self assessment tool to improve your overall mental wellness. Statistics and analytics will help you identify the areas where you need to work more.

As a self coaching app, Mindspa features mental workouts for many negative feelings such as shyness, envy, loneliness, apathy, anger, frustration, anxiety, resentment. All mental workouts are neatly divided and feature tasks that you need to perform for long-term self improvement.

Whether you want to develop a new skill like become more attentive or confident, or overcome mental conditions like anxiety or the constant feeling of negativity and sadness, the Mindspa Courses can be of great help for your mental wellbeing.

Are you having a panic attack? Your anxiety is overwhelmingly high? Have you had an argument with your partner or a family member? Are you having troubles coping after a traumatic event? Do you need to vent away but no one is there to listen? Use the Emergency section and let's talk it over. We guarantee you that you'll feel better after a therapeutic chat.

- Articles, cases and tips, covering psychology themes and real life events;
- Diary, a psychotherapeutic journal with daily submissions and useful analytics;
- Psychosutra, an impressive collection of coping-skills techniques for working with feelings, emotions and specific conditions;
- Courses, enrollable online programs with psychotherapeutic tasks on dedicated topics
- Personality tests, to help you determine which tools are right for you;
- Emergency, a chatbot simulation to support you in critical situations;
- And much more...

Start a positive shift in your mental wellbeing now!

Psychoeducation is often the first step for mental health improvement, and it consists in providing information and support to better understand and cope with a certain condition or emotionally straining circumstance. While it does not substitute psychotherapy, Mindspa can be a powerful complement to classic therapy, and it can be a great tool where a psychologist help is not easily accessible or affordable.

🚀Download Mindspa – the best wellbeing coach for personal growth & emotional intellect!

In case of issues or questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us - write us at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Mindspa?

Mindspa is an all-in-one app for mental health and wellbeing that offers self-help resources, self-assessment tools, mental wellness workouts, and personal development courses.

Can Mindspa help improve my emotional intelligence?

Yes, Mindspa provides resources and tools to help increase your emotional intelligence, understand your emotions better, and improve your overall mental wellbeing.

What kind of resources does Mindspa offer?

Mindspa offers mental wellness articles, self-assessment tools, personal diary for tracking moods and emotions, psychotherapeutic workouts for negative feelings, and personal development courses.

How can Mindspa help during critical situations?

Mindspa has an emergency chatbot feature that allows you to seek support and have a therapeutic chat when you are experiencing a panic attack, high anxiety, or other difficulties coping after a traumatic event.

Is Mindspa a substitute for psychotherapy?

No, Mindspa is not a substitute for psychotherapy. However, it can be a powerful complement to traditional therapy and a helpful tool when professional help is not easily accessible or affordable.

Can I contact Mindspa for any issues or questions?

Yes, if you have any issues or questions, you can get in touch with Mindspa by writing an email to [email protected].
Had to get fit, and I know it!
juncoPartna Kasparovic
big respect to the team and Nika in person. Her books showed me new world and priceless knowledge, while coping with depression and anxiety. Thank You!! :)
svetlana tomsena
Amazing App, Thank you Nika for such great stuff!
Javed Khan
I found something and I had a way to solve it too.great app
anusree puthuchere
Очень хорошее приложение. Безумное количество статей с психологической помощью!все доступно, никаких скучных непонятных слов. А ещё сейчас там появился раздел со "скорой помощью" и это просто бомба! Ника и в...
Nika Porter
Very nice
Chinna Chalaga