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About Serenity: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness

Serenity: Guided Meditations allows you to learn a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques that aims to bring a sense of peace, calm and happiness to your life.

Learn the basics with the free, easy to follow 7 day audio course. Gain the skills required to make mindful meditation a part of the rest of your life.

Foundations: Expand your skills and learn about mindfulness, self awareness, values and goals

Sleep guides: A selection of guided mediations designed to guide you to sleep using relaxation techniques, peaceful music and tranquil sounds

Stress relief: soothe anxiety with relaxation and mindfulness techniques to calm the mind and body

Quick meditations: short sessions to practice your skills or provide a sense of serenity and calm from the stresses of your day

Daily meditations - Different meditations each day to help maintain regular practice

Plus more being added to the app all the time

Other features:

No sign up/log in required - start meditating straight away

Ideal for beginners with over 2 hrs of free audio.

No subscriptions necessary - extra content is available either through one time permanent purchases or unlock everything with a subscription

Easy to follow - serenity is ideal for beginners and more experienced mindful meditators alike

Silent mind - learn a technique to quieten the mind of thoughts

Meditation and mindfulness skills - Learn to separate thoughts from feelings to improve your emotional well being

Gratitude - Change your perspective on life by understanding gratitude and gain a new appreciation of the world around you


Set up daily reminders to stay on track

Stay motivated by completing challenges and unlocking more free sessions as you progress

Monitor your progress with stats and graphs

Track your meditations with google fit (optional)

See if mindful meditation can improve your life - install now!

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Great way to start meditating...very pleasant voice & guide.
Shari Bondy
The best guided meditation app I have ever used. The design is simple and easy to use and the meditation style is unique to this app yet still leaves me with a sense of calm.
Michaela Anderson
short easy lessons
Mark Lowry
Ho appena iniziato a meditare con questa app ma devo dire che é davvero utile per una persona come me ahimé tanto ansiosa. Finiti anche i pochi 10 minuti di ascolto mi sento davvero leggera. La consiglio viv...
Irene Pison
This app is really helpful at getting started learning to meditate.
Willie Works
This has been a very good experience so far.i started using this app only 6days ago but haven't been disappointed at all.
ellora das