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About Sleep with Slumber: Meditations, Stories & Sounds

Trouble falling asleep? Try Slumber for 5 minutes and you'll be dreaming in no time.

The #1 sleep app on iOS is now available on Android!

Fall Asleep Fast

Slumber is a collection of ultra-relaxing sleep inducing stories and meditations designed to beat insomnia and help you fall asleep quickly every single night.

Choose a relaxing story or meditation to listen to as you fall asleep. All slumber episodes are designed to put you in a state of deep calm, and help to turn off your mind.


◆ Large library of sleep meditations, sleep inducing stories, bedtime stories for kids, and ASMR Soundscapes.

◆ Meditation guides and storytellers utilize mindfulness, gratitude, and suggestive hypnosis to help you relax and fall asleep.

◆ Get 10 + Slumber episodes for free. Become a premium member for full access to the sleep library.

Check out what our users have to say:


Slumber is Better for sleep than Calm app

I bought Slumber & Calm at the same time. When I want help sleeping I find myself turning to slumber only. Their narrators are more skilled in the hypnotic, soothing style of speaking. You don’t need celebrities, you need people with wonderful voices who know how to read in a hypnotherapy-style cadence. And Slumber has better sleep sound options, and you have more control over those options. I also like that you can choose to keep playing the background music, and perhaps a sound like rain, for a set amount of time after the narration ends. Also— better calm stories designed for relaxing, comforting sleep too! Plus, the price is better.

- Cafegirl2009, App Store Review

Have ideas on how we can improve Slumber? We'd love to hear from you!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Slumber?

Slumber is a sleep app that offers a collection of relaxing sleep meditations, stories, and sounds to help you fall asleep quickly.

How does Slumber work?

Slumber works by providing a wide range of sleep inducing content, including meditations, stories, and ASMR soundscapes, that help calm the mind and promote deep sleep.

Is Slumber available on Android?

Yes, Slumber is now available on Android. It was previously the #1 sleep app on iOS.

How can Slumber help with insomnia?

Slumber is designed to beat insomnia by providing soothing content that helps you relax and turn off your mind, making it easier to fall asleep.

What features does Slumber offer?

Slumber offers a large library of sleep meditations, stories, bedtime stories for kids, and ASMR Soundscapes. It also includes meditation guides and storytellers who use mindfulness, gratitude, and suggestive hypnosis techniques to help you relax.

Can I try Slumber for free?

Yes, you can get 10+ Slumber episodes for free. However, full access to the sleep library requires a premium membership.

What do users have to say about Slumber?

According to an App Store review, many users prefer Slumber over other sleep apps, including Calm. They find Slumber's narrators to be more skilled in the hypnotic, soothing style of speaking. Users also appreciate the better sleep sound options and the ability to customize the background music and sounds.

How can I provide feedback to improve Slumber?

If you have any ideas on how Slumber can be improved, the team would love to hear from you. You can share your feedback with them.
Absolutely love this app. I've tried others but this one really helps my insomnia and lowers my stress better. I drift off like a baby. I really love the narrator Nadine Browns voice and the stories are love...
Pammy JayB
Best sleep story app out there. The narrators (especially Tom) are very soothing, and the content is written just perfectly to be interesting, but not so much that I can't fall asleep!
Simple Pi
This app is amazing, and helps me to fall asleep everytime without fail! I've just upgraded to premium and its so worth it to get all the stories. Love the design and being able to set your own background so...
Evangeline Brown
I love the aesthetic, and how many options there are outside of the usually sleep sounds that other apps have. 10/10 recommend!
Haley Addington
Such a well thought out and varied Sleep app. Comes highly recommended for those who struggle to relax and sleep.
Nadine Brown