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About Slowdive: Guided Meditation & Relax

Slowdive is an app for meditating. We have 50 guided mediations and dozens of ambient sounds to help you build up Mindfulness.
Let us become your guide in the world of relaxation and spiritual growth.

Slowdive offers all kinds of meditations for a variety of needs.

- Did you just wake up?
Slowdive will know it and will turn on the morning mediation for a successful day!
- Did you get tired at work?
Slowdive turn on a calming meditation, after which you will literally glow with love and happiness!

Only the best guided meditations, such as:

- Morning/Evening meditation
- Kundalini awakening
- Savasana
- Chakras healing
- Self-perception
- Deep relaxation
- Anti-negative meditation
- Meditation for luck and success
- Meditation-visualization
- Meditation for healthy sleep
and much more!

Meditating just a couple of times is not enough - the effect of meditation will take place only with constant practice!

Therefore, we have provided a special indicator for 15 minutes in the application, which will fill as you meditate and reset every day.
Also we have developed a smart system of daily reminders. With its help you will start meditating regularly.

Slowdive is an excellent application for beginners in meditation - it contains a large number of educational materials, and all meditations explain the entire procedure for the necessary action in details. Slowdive will also track the periods of your mindfulness in the Apple's Healthcare app.

Meditation stabilizes brain wave activity, reduces stress hormones in the body, gives energy and vitality, and has many other positive effects.

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment. During meditation, Slowdive adds information about the periods of your mindfulness to the HealthKit application.

We hope you enjoy our service, and we will be glad to hear your ideas and suggestions!

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