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About Breethe - Calm Meditation & Sleep Sounds

Relaxing Sounds and Guided meditation to sleep better 😴, breathe & be calm.

De-stress, be happier & healthier with Breethe's Masterclasses on how to meditate, practice mindfulness, and much more - Recommended by People & InStyle.

Can’t sleep? Choose from a wide variety of sleep sounds and relaxing melodies to help you get the restful sleep you need. You'll find premade sleep music playlists, nature sounds, guided meditations tracks, bedtime stories, hypnotherapy sessions and more.

Deal with life’s challenges with guided meditation series, inspirational talks and masterclasses from mindfulness coach Lynne Goldberg & New York Times best-selling personal growth experts.

Main Features

¥ Relaxation Music and Sleep Sounds Hours of carefully selected nature melodies to help you relax, meditate, focus & sleep more soundly.

¥ Calm Music Playlists for various moods and occasions and the ability to create your own playlists.

¥ Bedtime Stories and sleep meditations narrated to lull even the most hardcore insomniacs into a night of deep sleep.

¥ Bedtime Visualizations and guided imagery to absorb healing and positive messages while falling asleep.

¥ Guided Meditations Hundreds of series for whatever you’re dealing with in your life and to get you into a calm headspace.

¥ Alarm clock & morning meditations to start your day on the right foot.

¥ Learn to Meditate with a 12-week daily program and progressively bring more calm and clarity into your life.

¥ Inspirational talks and masterclasses from some of the greatest personal growth teachers of our time to become more peaceful and help you enjoy your life better.

¥ Hypnotherapy Sessions to help you tackle life’s challenges and to fall asleep easily for those who still have trouble sleeping.

¥ Breathing Exercises and calming videos you can use to learn how to breathe deeper and calm down in a few minutes.

¥ Free version with lots of free meditations on many subjects for as long as you want, or unlock all content with a Premium Membership!

Bring more happiness, and peace of mind into your life with soothing music, short meditations, calming videos and breathing exercises you can use anytime, anywhere.

Check out for info on the health benefits of mindfulness such as reducing anxiety, chronic insomnia & burnout.

- Contact us at [email protected] -

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Awesome app!
Rap raymundo
Amazing app. Plenty of meditations and sleep stories in good sound quality. Helping my insomnia a lot. 🙃
Rosey Pink
Awesome experience. Well put together. Has a meditation for every scenario in your life. Very effective and has been a Godsend for me and more than likely every subscriber. Thank you Breethe for providing th...
Brenda C