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About Ten Percent Happier - Meditation & Sleep

Want to sleep better, be more mindful, improve your relationships, and become just about ten percent happier? This is the app for you. Our guided meditations, videos, talks, and sleep content will help you build (or boost) your meditation practice, and stick with it.


- Video and meditation combos that make it fun and straightforward to learn to meditate.
- A library of 500+ guided meditations on topics ranging from anxiety to parenting to focus, ensuring that you can find exactly the right meditation for the moment.
- A sleep section filled with relaxing meditations that make it easy to fall (and stay) asleep.
- Bite-size stories, wisdom, and inspiration that you can listen to while on the go - for those moments when you’re not feeling like meditation but want some mindfulness.
- New content released weekly to keep meditation from becoming a chore.
- Quick meditations that fit into your busy life—during your commute, lunch break, etc.


** #1 Top listed app in New York Times ‘How to Meditate’ guide

** Featured for ‘emergency election stress’ meditations in The Washington Post

** Launched on ABC’s Good Morning America


About the 10% Happier book:

In his #1 New York Times bestseller, 10% Happier, ABC news anchor Dan Harris explores how his on-air panic attack in 2004 prompted him to search for a way to defang the voice in his head. He found meditation, and it's helped him be less yanked around by his emotions.


About the 10% Happier podcast:

In his top-ranking podcast, Dan talks with smart people about whether there's anything beyond 10%. Can you be an ambitious person and still strive for enlightenment (whatever that means)?


If you’re enjoying the app, please leave a review. It really helps!

Questions/technical support? Please email us at [email protected].

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I find inside the Ten Percent Happier app?

Inside the Ten Percent Happier app, you can find video and meditation combos, a library of guided meditations on various topics, a sleep section with relaxing meditations, bite-size stories and inspiration, and new content released weekly.

Is the Ten Percent Happier app suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Ten Percent Happier app is designed to make learning to meditate fun and straightforward, making it suitable for beginners.

Can I listen to meditations on specific topics?

Yes, the app offers a library of 500+ guided meditations on a wide range of topics, such as anxiety, parenting, and focus, ensuring that you can find a meditation that suits your specific needs.

Does the app have sleep meditations?

Yes, the app includes a sleep section filled with relaxing meditations that can help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Is there content for moments when I don't feel like meditating?

Yes, the app provides bite-size stories, wisdom, and inspiration that you can listen to while on the go, catering to moments when you're not feeling like meditation but still want some mindfulness.

How often is new content released in the app?

New content is released weekly in the Ten Percent Happier app to keep your meditation practice fresh and prevent it from becoming a chore.

Can I fit meditation into my busy life?

Yes, the app offers quick meditations that can easily fit into your busy life, such as during your commute or lunch break.

What recognition has the Ten Percent Happier app received?

The app has been mentioned as the top listed app in the New York Times' 'How to Meditate' guide and featured for 'emergency election stress' meditations in The Washington Post. It has also been launched on ABC's Good Morning America.

What is the 10% Happier book about?

The 10% Happier book, written by Dan Harris, explores his personal journey after experiencing a panic attack and how he discovered meditation as a way to manage his emotions.

What topics are discussed in the 10% Happier podcast?

The 10% Happier podcast features conversations with smart people discussing various topics, including whether there is anything beyond being 10% happier and the balance between ambition and enlightenment.

How can I leave a review for the Ten Percent Happier app?

If you're enjoying the app, you can leave a review, which is greatly appreciated and can be done through the app store or platform where you downloaded the app.

How can I seek help if I have questions or technical issues?

If you have any questions or need technical support, you can email the Ten Percent Happier support team at [email protected].
Awesome app!
Joyce Mechling
The best I've tried. The structure is easy to navigate and the resources are full of wisdom and are accessible and inviting. For the first time in many years I have a regular practice again, and the casual a...
7/24/20- still practicing. I have benefitted in almost every area of life by starting to tame the monkey mind. Who knew that sitting still could make you healthier? Probably Joseph... ❤
Shannon Campbell
Love this app! Easy to use. Love Dan's humour 🙂
Andrea McLeod
The trainings are very enjoyable and straight forward, easy to implement and life changing. Thanks to Dan, Joseph and all coaches who made this app reachable to all people around the world.
Armin Ehrampoosh
Great variety of teachers. Great introduction to the training for skeptics and beginners.
Cory Wilson