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About Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation

Learn to meditate and get amazing results: relax, calm and center yourself, focus easily, sleep better, and live an overall happier life.

In 7 days, we will teach you to meditate using the simplest and most effective meditation & mindfulness techniques. Meditation has been proven to help relieve anxiety & stress, sleep better, focus more easily and increase self esteem & happiness. Most importantly - meditation will significantly improve your quality of life.

Meditation Programs:
● 7 Days meditation for beginners
● 14 Day advanced meditation
● 7 Days to stress relief
● 7 Days to focus
● 7 Days to better sleep
● 7 Days to self esteem
● 7 Days to happiness

Meditation Sessions of varying length for:
● Sleeping Better
● Concentration & Focus
● Loving yourself & Others
● Forgiveness
● Calm
● Body Scans

● Get inspired with real life success stories

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Very beautiful and relaxing!
Emily Schroeder
Good across the board, good variety of meditations
Travis McDowell
I tried this app over a year ago and I was satisfied with the results. I came back to Italy purchased the unlimited subscription because I need it more than ever thanks to a significant change in circumstances.
100 % Satisfied