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About Prana Breath: Calm & Meditate

Dive into breathing techniques that are approved by ancient traditions, by modern science and by million+ of our users! Use the power of breathing and meditation to increase your mindfulness and live a better life. It doesn't matter whether you do Yoga, dieting, diving, or not, - you will see the positive impact anyway, for only 7-15 minutes a day!

What does it do?
* Improves brain activity: memory, attention, concentration
* Relieves anxiety
* Develops resistance to stress, develops physical endurance
* Eliminates evening appetite attacks, thus helps to have a healthy weight
* Decreases the frequency of cold, migraine and asthma attacks
* Boosts immunity of respiratory system
* Promotes healthy sleep
* Improves vocal and breath hold time, thus is good for singer and diver
* Trains the diaphragm thus fights acid reflux (GERD) symptoms

Why Prana Breath?
* Absolutely no advertisement
* Fast, optimized, battery saving
* Easy - just tap on "play", close your eyes and let the sound guide you
* Option to turn the screen off during the training
* 8 breathing patterns for different purposes
* Possibility to create your own patterns
* Rich statistics
* Reminders for creating a convenient training schedule
* Most patterns are derived from Pranayama, Sufi and Tibetan breathing practices
* Unique to Google Play "Anti-Appetite" training, for fighting emotional over-eating
* Exclusive "Cigarette replace", designed by Simone Righini, to help you quit smoking

Additionally for Guru version:
* Dynamic trainings for smooth improvement & for sophisticated patterns
* Diverse breath methods and chants
* Detailed progress chart and training log
* Health tests
* Enriched settings and more sounds
* Regularly updated database of more than 50 training patterns, such as: 4-7-8 breathing, Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom, Nadi Shodhana, Tummo / Inner fire, Udgeeth, etc.

Scientific proofs:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Prana Breath: Calm & Meditate?

Prana Breath is a mobile app that offers breathing techniques approved by ancient traditions and modern science to help improve mindfulness and overall well-being.

How does Prana Breath improve brain activity?

Prana Breath improves brain activity by enhancing memory, attention, and concentration.

Can Prana Breath relieve anxiety?

Yes, Prana Breath is known to relieve anxiety and help users manage stress.

Does Prana Breath help in weight management?

Yes, Prana Breath can help in weight management by eliminating evening appetite attacks and promoting a healthy weight.

Can Prana Breath decrease the frequency of certain health conditions?

Yes, Prana Breath can help decrease the frequency of cold, migraine, and asthma attacks.

How does Prana Breath boost the immune system?

Prana Breath boosts the immunity of the respiratory system, thereby enhancing overall immune health.

Does Prana Breath promote healthy sleep?

Yes, Prana Breath can help promote healthy sleep patterns.

Does Prana Breath provide any benefits for singers and divers?

Yes, Prana Breath can improve vocal and breath hold time, making it beneficial for singers and divers.

Can Prana Breath help with acid reflux symptoms?

Yes, Prana Breath trains the diaphragm, which can help fight acid reflux (GERD) symptoms.

Why should I choose Prana Breath?

Prana Breath offers an ad-free experience, optimized battery usage, and ease of use. It also provides various breathing patterns, rich statistics, reminders, and is based on traditional practices.

What features are available in the Guru version of Prana Breath?

The Guru version offers dynamic trainings, diverse breath methods and chants, detailed progress charts and training logs, health tests, enriched settings, and a regularly updated database of training patterns.

Where can I find scientific proofs about Prana Breath?

Scientific proofs about Prana Breath can be found at

Is Prana Breath available on Facebook?

Yes, Prana Breath has a Facebook page at
Such a convenient app! I used to find pranayama boring and difficult but now I don't need to count anymore, so I can focus more on the way I breathe. The tune also helps keeping track of the rhythm. No bugs ...
Belle-Rosa Khoung
Amazing app really helpful 🔥🔥
Aditya Kasera
very simple, engaging, app also consists of info. regarding the positive effect of different exercise. a complete package, for free.
Ajay .S
Carol Hood
Very good and must for all
Aeshvry Rajaura