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About Daily Yoga - Yoga Fitness Plans

We’re here for you! Daily Yoga opens a Free Collection for you to provide 6 programs and 13 sessions free to everyone, plus the up to 80% Special Off of subscription. We hope to help users to stay safe and keep positive during the uncertain time!

If you're a beginner to yoga, Daily Yoga App provides various guided classes to help you learn the basics before diving into more advanced classes and flows, and if you're advanced—there are plenty of the world - class teachers you want to follow with.

Featured as “Works with Google Fit”,“Top Developer”,“Clear Your Mind, Engage Your Body”, “Keep Calm & Carry On” in Google Play,
Voted as” Best Yoga App” of the year 2016-2019 by Healthline,
Awarded by The Wall Street Journal as the “5 Addictive Fitness Apps”.

Various Classes Fit Your Goal

Daily Yoga offers 500+ asanas, 70+ yoga programs, 500+ guided yoga, pilates, meditation sessions plus the largest yoga pose library for man and woman that suit yogis from beginner to advanced. Not only helps you stay with yoga every day, but also provides health benefits for both your mind and body.

Follow the World-Class Master
Altogether 20 yoga masters who are globally respected or the initiator of yoga styles focus on yoga for weight loss, beginner to advanced, better sleep & full relax. Aim to make it easier & convenient to yoga workout and provide programs that align with your current goals. All sessions are taught in English.

Motivated by Community
The community in Daily Yoga App brings yogis from all over the world closer to one another. Yogis gather here to discuss their practicing experience under the topics, tag and encourage each other to finish the challenge, follow the Yoga Tips to improve their techniques, prepare the weight-control meals according to the selected recipes. Never feel lonely, and become more limber with other motivated yogis around you.

Create Private Yoga Plan
Don’t like to choose the default plan? You can create yours. Private Yoga plan is a cycle of 7 days. Set the workout days and rest days according to your own schedule. Then you can combine yoga sessions to each workout day according to your need. If you know your body well, please give it a try to make your workout more efficient.

Adjust to Your Habits 
Multiple choices for session duration varied from 5 - 70 minutes to fit your schedule, and 7 languages available worldwide (English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, German, French). Support for Dark Mode to help to prevent eye strain.

Track Your Activity
Personal data from various devices can be tracked in App. With smart watch, you can track your exercise duration and calories burned and heart rate to contribute to your activity rings and meet your daily goals.

While you are waiting for the update to install, try this easy abdominal breathing: draw your abdomen inward to stabilise your core. As you inhale, bring your fingertips to touch in front of the belly. As you exhale, open your hands out to the sides. Inhale the future, exhale the past. Have fun with it!

Find out even more at;
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @DailyYogaApp

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Daily Yoga?

Daily Yoga is an app that provides yoga fitness plans and guided classes for users of all levels.

Are there free programs available on Daily Yoga?

Yes, Daily Yoga offers a Free Collection of 6 programs and 13 sessions that are available to everyone.

Can beginners use Daily Yoga?

Yes, Daily Yoga provides guided classes specifically designed for beginners to learn the basics of yoga.

Are there advanced classes available on Daily Yoga?

Yes, Daily Yoga offers classes taught by world-class teachers for advanced yogis to follow along with.

What awards has Daily Yoga received?

Daily Yoga has been recognized as "Works with Google Fit," "Top Developer," "Best Yoga App" by Healthline, and awarded by The Wall Street Journal as one of the "5 Addictive Fitness Apps."

How many yoga asanas and programs does Daily Yoga offer?

Daily Yoga offers over 500 asanas, 70+ yoga programs, and 500+ guided yoga sessions to suit yogis of all levels.

Are the yoga sessions taught in English?

Yes, all sessions on Daily Yoga are taught in English.

Is there a community aspect on Daily Yoga?

Yes, the Daily Yoga App has a community where yogis from around the world can interact, discuss their experiences, and motivate each other.

Can I create my own yoga plan on Daily Yoga?

Yes, Daily Yoga allows you to create your own private yoga plan based on your schedule and needs.

Does Daily Yoga support different languages?

Yes, Daily Yoga is available in 7 languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, German, and French.

Can I track my activity on Daily Yoga?

Yes, Daily Yoga allows you to track your exercise duration, calories burned, and heart rate with various devices, including smartwatches.

Where can I find more information about Daily Yoga?

You can find more information about Daily Yoga on their website at

How can I contact Daily Yoga?

You can contact Daily Yoga through email at [email protected] or on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
Really good app. I have just got the free version and there are loads of nice sessions. I love the structure so I choose whoch are to focus on. They have beginner classes to join for first 2 weeks. Ive also ...
Alecia Booysen
Best yoga app so far.
ritika Oberai
I liked how it was so easy to follow with clear demonstrations of how to carry out each exercise.
Liz Ajani
The best Yoga app
Kavita Pradhan
Tried yoga for first time. Excellent app.
Rayyan Ahmad
I feel so relived
Matthew Weldon