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About Fitify Yoga

Get Fit, Flexible, Strong, Lose Weight with best in class yoga app by creators of the Fitify App.

6 Difficulty Levels
All the training sessions offer 6 experience levels - no matter if you are a beginner or advanced.

‣ Quick and effective workouts built by professionals
‣ 6 difficulty levels, suitable for everyone, men, women, beginner, and pro
‣ perfect for working out at home
‣ HD videos of real trainers (no animations)
‣ Keep track of finished workouts and progress
‣ Burned calories tracking
‣ Customized workout reminders so you never cheat on your routine
‣ over 100 exercises
‣ Sync data with Google Fit
‣ Requires no equipment
‣ Share with your friends on social networks
‣ Works 100% offline

More than 40 yoga classes
Keep Healthy
Office Yoga
Yoga After Sitting
Detox Yoga

Yoga Essentials
Flexibility Essentials
Strength Essentials
Balance Essentials
Supine Yoga Essentials

Body Focus
Chest Opener
Hip Opener
Upper Back & Neck

Healthy Spine
Healthy Back
Neck & Shoulders
Upper Back
Lower Back

Yoga For Flexibility
Full Body Flexibility
Lower Body Flexibility
Upper Body Flexibility
Supine Stretching

Yoga For Women
Period Pain Relief
Prenatal Yoga
Postnatal Yoga

Tone Up
Yoga for Strength
Core Strength
Strong & Flexible
Balance & Strength

Weight Loss
Calorie Burner
Burn Fat & Tone Butt
Burn Fat & Tone Abs

Time Of Day
Morning Yoga
Productive Day
Yoga for Sleep

Yoga For Better Mood
Happiness Boost
Energy Booster
Deep Relaxation

Yoga For Sports
Runners – Improve Performance
After Run Stretching
Yoga for Cyclists

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Some other apps claime to be free turn out to only have a free trial before subscription. This one doesn't. The workouts behind the subscription are clearly labelled, but there are a selection which are free...
Meep Meep
This yoga coach. Its the best thing that ever happened to me this year. Its worth the buy for a premium subscription.
it's really helpful one and also you can decide the time and level of difficulty which I feel is really meaningful ❤
Niki Thakur
so far free stuff is good
Chris Dambrosia
go for it !!
Ayush Vikram Singh
Amazing app for practicing yoga and building a new habit
Haneen Bendary