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About Wispence

With Wispence you can shape a beautiful body, start proper nutrition, reveal your inner potential, and restore vitality.
Wispence is based on four elements: physical activity, nutrition, mental health and sleep.
A lot of top American experts in nutrition, psychology and Hollywood life coaches took part in creating the training and analytics system.
They shared their knowledge and experience within the Wispence project.
Experience our diverse slate of workout programs
- Fitness
- Yoga
- Stretching
- Pilates
We will push your body to new levels and help you get in the best shape of your life.
Our platform will analyze your results and keep you on track.
Regardless of whether you have previously been into sports or have not paid attention to activities at all, the video workouts on Wispence are designed for all to maintain a good body shape and well-being.
With Wispence app you can work out both at home, in the gym, and in any place convenient for you.
The big advantage is that you don't have to waste time commuting to and from the gym.
The application will help you achieve the next goals:
- Feel toned and in good shape;
- Track the result and your condition every day;
- Lose weight;
- Improve stretching;
- Have a disciplined approach to training.
What is waiting for you in the Wispence app:
- Training for different parts of the body without additional equipment;
- Assessment of the training quality and your condition;
- Training schedule;
- Analytics will help you stay on track with the progress and efficiency of your life.
The Wispence app features a huge recipe database which will help you comfortably transition to a healthy diet.
Wherever you find yourself, you can always listen to calming audio meditations on our app, which will help you relax and decompress.
Enjoy our yoga classes which are designed to help you increase strength and flexibility plus restore your energy.
Set up notifications and receive reminders, which will let you know when you should exercise, eat, drink water, meditate, and sleep.
With the Wispence mobile app, you can fully customize your daily schedule and sleep patterns.
Wispence includes all the trends in the sports industry, healthy nutrition and conscious living, all in one. Try the lifestyle offered by Wispence and feel the changes right now.
The Wispence team already has thousands of ladies who are getting better every day.
It's your turn!
Registration is free and only takes a few seconds. You won’t be asked for your credit card or bank information.
If you like our platform, you can sign-up for full access after your 7 day trail ends. We’ve kept our subscription costs low - they start at only $7.00/month!
Try For Free - 7 Day Free Trial.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Wispence?

Wispence is a platform that helps you shape your body, improve nutrition, unlock your potential, and regain vitality.

What are the four elements that Wispence is based on?

Wispence is based on physical activity, nutrition, mental health, and sleep.

Who participated in creating the Wispence training and analytics system?

Many top American experts in nutrition, psychology, and Hollywood life coaches took part in creating the Wispence system.

What kind of workout programs does Wispence offer?

Wispence offers diverse workout programs such as fitness, yoga, stretching, and pilates.

Will Wispence analyze my results and keep me on track?

Yes, the Wispence platform will analyze your results and help you stay on track with your goals.

Can anyone use the video workouts on Wispence?

Yes, the video workouts on Wispence are designed for everyone, regardless of their previous sports experience.

Where can I work out using the Wispence app?

You can work out using the Wispence app at home, in the gym, or any other convenient place.

What are the advantages of using the Wispence app instead of going to the gym?

With the Wispence app, you save time commuting to and from the gym.

What goals can I achieve with the Wispence app?

With the Wispence app, you can achieve goals such as feeling toned, tracking your progress, losing weight, improving stretching, and having a disciplined approach to training.

What features does the Wispence app offer?

The Wispence app offers training for different body parts without additional equipment, assessment of training quality and condition, training schedule, and analytics to track progress and efficiency.

How can the Wispence app help with nutrition?

The Wispence app features a large recipe database that can help you transition to a healthy diet.

What other features does the Wispence app have?

The Wispence app also offers calming audio meditations, yoga classes, customizable daily schedules, sleep patterns, and reminders for exercise, eating, drinking water, meditating, and sleeping.

What is the aim of Wispence?

Wispence aims to combine sports trends, healthy nutrition, and conscious living into one lifestyle.
Love it !
Nastasia Lauzon
Fa real the most useful app on my phone!!! Ofcourse after YouTube...😘
Regina Taylor
Phoenix Vaughn
Clear platform
Marina Gubman
The best fitness app EVER! It's not about body only❤
Uldana Usserbayeva
The best app ever!
Alina Danilova