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About BODY by Blogilates: best body toning workouts

Body by Blogilates will get you strong and toned at home with workouts that are not only super effective, but also super fun :)

Certified Fitness and Pilates Instructor, Cassey Ho (Blogilates) has put together all of her best workout videos in one sleek app so you can take her with you anywhere! Cassey's motivational style of teaching will inspire you to push harder than you think you can, leaving your muscles sore and your body transformed!

Because her signature workouts do not require any equipment, you can do Cassey's body sculpting routines anywhere - at home, while traveling, in your hotel room, in the gym - literally wherever!


1. Monthly Workout Calendar

The Blogilates Workout Calendar is a monthly exercise plan designed to help you get lean, toned, and strong at home using the Blogilates workout videos. Every day you will focus on a different muscle group, so that by the end of the week, you'll have worked your total body! Rest days, cardio days, and strength days are all scheduled in for you. Fresh plans at the beginning of EVERY month!

2. Motivational Challenges

- 100 Ab Challenge: 30 days of different ab exercises to flatten your abs and strengthen your core!

- 100 Glute Challenge: 30 days of unique butt lifting exercises to round and shape your booty!

- 7-Day Ab Challenge: A hyper focused ab challenge that will lean out your stomach and help your abs peek through.

- 7-Day Thigh Challenge: A hyper focused thigh challenge that will slim and strengthen your inner and outer thighs.

- 7-Day Glute Challenge: A hyper focused booty challenge that will lift and firm your glutes.

- 7-Day Arm Challenge: A hyper focused arm challenge that will sculpt your shoulders, biceps, and triceps while leaning out your upper body.

Each challenge comes with daily follow-along workout videos so you will always have Cassey there to push you through to the finish line!

3. Complete Workout Video Library

It's the entire Blogilates workout video library in your pocket. Full length videos. No ads. There are hundreds of workouts that will target:

- Abs
- Arms
- Back
- Butt
- Cardio
- Legs
- Stretch
- Total Body

4. Castable to TV!

No more squinting at your phone screen to work out! Cast the workout videos to your TV!

5. Personal Progress Profile

You will be able to track how dedicated you've been to your workout calendar and your challenges. Seeing your stats will help motivate you to stay accountable and not fall off track!


The Body by Blogilates app is 100% free to download! You will have immediate access to the entire workout video library and will be able to do any workout you wish! Plus you'll be able to do the featured challenge of the month for free!


If you want access to the monthly workout calendar AND all of the challenges, then you can sign up for a 7-day free trial!


Body by Blogilates is free to download. Ongoing use of full access features require an active subscription, available on a monthly or yearly basis. Customers who choose a monthly or yearly subscription are eligible for a free 7 day trial period. The subscription cost is $3.99 USD/month or $39.99 USD/year ($3.33 USD/month).

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Body by Blogilates?

Body by Blogilates is an app that offers effective and fun workout videos designed to help you tone your body and get stronger from home.

Who is Cassey Ho?

Cassey Ho is a certified fitness and Pilates instructor, also known as Blogilates. She has put together the best workout videos in the Body by Blogilates app.

Can I do the workouts at home?

Yes, you can do the body sculpting routines anywhere, including at home, while traveling, in your hotel room, or at the gym.

What is the Monthly Workout Calendar?

The Monthly Workout Calendar is an exercise plan that focuses on different muscle groups each day, helping you get lean, toned, and strong using the Blogilates workout videos.

What are the Motivational Challenges?

The Motivational Challenges include various focused challenges for different body parts such as abs, glutes, thighs, and arms. Each challenge comes with daily workout videos to guide you.

What is the Complete Workout Video Library?

The Complete Workout Video Library offers hundreds of full-length workout videos targeting abs, arms, back, butt, cardio, legs, stretch, and total body. It is ad-free.

Can I cast the workout videos to my TV?

Yes, you can cast the workout videos to your TV, eliminating the need to squint at your phone screen while working out.

Does the app track my progress?

Yes, the app provides a Personal Progress Profile where you can track your dedication to the workout calendar and challenges. It helps you stay accountable and motivated.

How much does the app cost?

The Body by Blogilates app is free to download. Full access to features requires an active subscription priced at $3.99 USD/month or $39.99 USD/year, with a 7-day free trial available.

What does the 7-day free trial offer?

The 7-day free trial gives you access to the monthly workout calendar and all the challenges included in the app.
Where there is cassey there is me.. I will follow her everywhere... Amazzzingg lady!
s. amy exercise professional
I love Blogilates and the app is great. I'm happy that I dont have to go to YouTube anymore.
Diamond Evans
This app is awesome 👍 love how chipper she is! Honestly I listen to her talking and the time flies by
I ilke
Bobby Tracey
*edit* I contacted the developer and got an IMMEDIATE response. They already resolved the issues! 👏 I wish there was a feedback option through the app so that we could notify when videos aren't working (1 v...
Hannah Pruessner
Love this app! Using it everyday! Very user friendly
Alyssa Van Der Woude