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About iTrackBites - Easy Weight Loss Diet and Tracker

Your Simple & Affordable Weight Loss Solution is here. Eat the food you love and still achieve your weight loss goals with your personalized weight loss plan!

Achieve Real Results in 3 SIMPLE STEPS =>

> STEP 1: Get a Personalized Weight Loss Plan: -> Answer a few simple questions about yourself, your cravings and your diet, and get a personalized weight loss plan catered to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

> STEP 2: Track What You Eat: -> the iTrackBites app makes it easy to track your food throughout the day. Search +500,000 recipes, scan barcodes for +1 million products, and browse millions of foods including popular restaurant menus.

> STEP 3: Lose Weight and Share with the Community: -> See your progress immediately and share your successes, questions and enthusiasm with our best in class community that will help you stay focused on your weight loss journey

Log foods, track weight loss and reach your diet goals with iTrackBites, your personal food tracker and weight loss journey partner.

Not all weight loss journeys are the same, your weight loss program shouldn't be either. With iTrackBites, we’ll help you pick the weight loss plan that will work best for you by choosing from our five different weight loss plans. Whether you’re focused on limiting sugar, carbs, calories or you want help with portion control, iTrackBites has got you covered!

With iTrackBites – Choose healthy diet goals > Track meals > Lose weight!

We’ll help you stay on track with your weight loss journey thanks to our easy to use weight loss plans and calorie counter, so you can enjoy weight loss that makes you look good and feel great!

Lose weight, log workouts and get healthy - 5 ways iTrackBites can help you reach your weight loss goals:
1. Track calories and activity with our food tracker - Focus on your weight loss plan by logging meals and workouts
2. Log foods, get nutrition reports, monitor your activity, and much more! Keep smashing your weight loss goals by using our detailed food, activity, and nutrition reports
3. A customized weight loss plan - Choose a diet plan that’s right for you. From limiting sugar to cutting carbs, use our calorie counter to track meals and meet your diet goals
4. More than just a food tracker and calorie counter - Join our supportive community, where you can build on your healthy long-term goals by trading tips with other members … and don’t forget, the official iTrackBites Coaches are there to support, guide, and motivate you.
5. Lose weight, feel great! Log foods, track your workouts and follow your diet plan all using your phone.

Whether you want to log your workouts, get nutrition reports or simply lose weight - make iTrackBites 100% tailored to your lifestyle and goals.

Download iTrackBites today to track calories and kickstart your personal weight loss plan.

Check out of amazing features:
√ Fitbit, Apple Watch and Apple HealthKit Integration (Pro)
√ +500,000 Recipes (Pro)
√ Voice Tracking (Pro)
√ Syncs securely across multiple devices
√ Use our online community feature
√ Best weight tracker with Milestone achievement motivations for each goal!
√ Online food & restaurant database with millions of foods and restaurant items (Pro)
√ Choose food items from our Pocket Guide database
√ Choose food items from the USDA database
√ Premium Restaurant, Beer, and Snack guides (Pro)
√ Recipe Builder to easily create & share recipes (Pro)
√ Scan barcodes for over 1,000,000+ UPCs
√ Favorite foods & activities for easy tracking
√ Works for all Food Score based systems or use Calories
√ Check out the screenshots & see for yourself

Visit our website:
Contact us for help: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is iTrackBites?

iTrackBites is a weight loss app that helps users achieve their weight loss goals by providing personalized weight loss plans and tracking tools.

How can I get a personalized weight loss plan?

To get a personalized weight loss plan, answer a few simple questions about yourself, your cravings, and your diet within the iTrackBites app.

What can I track with the iTrackBites app?

You can track your food intake, log your workouts, and monitor your activity with the iTrackBites app.

How many weight loss plans can I choose from with iTrackBites?

You can choose from five different weight loss plans with iTrackBites, each designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals in different ways.

Does iTrackBites have a supportive community?

Yes, iTrackBites has a supportive community where you can build on your healthy long-term goals by trading tips with other members.

What are some of the features of iTrackBites?

Some of the features of iTrackBites include Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Apple HealthKit integration, voice tracking, a recipe builder, a restaurant database, and barcode scanning.

How can I get iTrackBites?

You can download iTrackBites from the app store on your phone.
Found iTrackBites after I got tired of paying 20.00 a month with Weight Watchers. iTrackBites is just as good and much better price!
Vicky McCaslin
Excellent App for Weight Loss! Tracks food, activity, and weight loss. Includes food list and access to recipes and a community. It's very valuable.
Courtney Elizabeth
I'm doing the free version for now and it's working great. I like it more than counting calories. I've been using it since June 15 and have lost 2 inches all over so far.
Joshall F
Same as WW so much less expensive !
Garden Girl
Excellent app + coaches support on communities on app.
Simmie Sinow
Helps me keep track and keeps me accountable
Pam Goss