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About Food and Symptoms Tracker - MoodBites IBS Diary

MoodBites is the best food journal to track what you eat and how you feel

It is proven that the food we eat has a direct impact on how we feel. Many times, diseases such as depression, anxiety and inflammation have their roots in the food we eat. Autoimmune diseases and food allergies can not only have a significant impact on the quality of your life and health, but can also be very difficult to understand. MoodBites is meant to deal with this issue and help you learn exactly how the food you eat affects your mood and health. Tracking what you eat and how you feel couldn't be easier - you're just a few taps away from logging the foods you eat and the way you feel.

The food we eat decides whether we feel motivated, focused and sharp or lazy and foggy. Keeping track of how each individual food influences the way we feel can be difficult though - symptoms can even take days before emerging. This is why MoodBites is such an important tool in learning what effects food has on us. MoodBites will show you how the food that you ate changed your mood in the past and even in the future.

MoodBites Features:

- Simple to use: Logging what you eat and how you feel can be done in a few taps

- Smart food auto completion - save time when adding food

- In-depth mood logging: Describe exactly how you feel, both with mood ratings and symptoms

- Symptoms: Understand how the symptoms you experience are linked the food you eat

- Superior food logging: Track not only the food you eat, but also take notes about the quantity, ingredients, etc.

- Diary: Find out exactly how the food you ate affected you, both the day you ate it and for up to 7 days after you ate it

- Calendar: Easily get details about the food you ate and your moods every day

- Insights: Gain an in-depth understanding of how food affected you in the past

- Predictions: Predict how food will influence your mood in the future

MoodBites does not collect information from the users!

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Great app, I didn't thought food intolerance is a thing, but this app changed my perspective. For now on I'll track my daily meals because it helps a lot.
I use this app everyday and bought the premium version, I don't normally review products but this has changed my life.
Leo Hoang
Very useful app. I am now enjoying tracking my mood in a easy to use app and pleasant design.
Radu Popescu