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About Migraine Insight: Tracker

Make real progress. Proven techniques from advanced headache clinics help you reduce or eliminate migraines. Join thousands of people who are having more pain-free days with this innovative headache and migraine journal.

"The absolute best migraine app out there!" - Dr. Milo Pulde, Harvard Medical School

This full featured migraine and headache log helps you see what correlates with your migraine episodes.

Migraine Insight combines your migraine or headache tracking with data you're already collecting (e.g. sleep, weather, workouts). Our custom pattern finding engine gives you insights - based on your own personal migraine data - that helps you better understand what's making you sick so you can get better faster.

It works! We've helped tens of thousands of users reduce or eliminate migraines.

Full Featured Journal: ** Easiest. Tracking. Ever. (Get it just for this!) **
* Both doctors and patients love our journal.
* Track anything you want.
* Record migraines in seconds. Come back later to fill in the details.

Automated Tracking:
* Weather and Barometer
* Workouts
* Steps
* Sleep
* Location (Do certain locations cause you to have more migraines? Our users LOVE this feature.)

Fully Custom Tracking:
* We don't force you to track things you don't want to track.
* Pattern Finder: Finally know your real migraine triggers.

Your Records are There When You Need Them:
* Clear records for your care team or at the ER.
* Make better medication decisions with a clear log of past trials.

This powerful trigger-finding app helps people with migraines and headaches get better. Track, get reports, find triggers.

Work better with your care team and make accurate insights within the app that lead to real progress. 85% of users reduce or eliminate migraines within 12 weeks.

Migraine Insight: A migraine diary with real insights to help you get better faster. Download and start tracking today for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Migraine Insight: Tracker?

Migraine Insight: Tracker is a headache and migraine journal app that helps users reduce or eliminate migraines by tracking and analyzing their migraine data.

How does Migraine Insight work?

Migraine Insight combines your migraine or headache tracking with other data you collect, such as sleep, weather, and workouts, to provide personalized insights on what triggers your migraines.

What are the features of Migraine Insight?

Migraine Insight offers a full-featured journal for easy tracking, automated tracking of weather, workouts, sleep, steps, and location, customizable tracking options, and the ability to generate clear records for your care team or at the ER.

How can Migraine Insight help reduce migraines?

By tracking and analyzing your migraine data, Migraine Insight helps you identify your real migraine triggers, work better with your care team, and make more accurate insights that lead to real progress in reducing or eliminating migraines.

Can Migraine Insight be used by both doctors and patients?

Yes, both doctors and patients love Migraine Insight as it provides valuable insights and allows for effective communication between patients and care teams.

Is Migraine Insight free?

Yes, Migraine Insight can be downloaded and started for free.
Easy to use, informative, and useful. By far the best migraine app on the market!
Tony Spears
Best migraine tracking app out there!
Olissa Alyver
Most intuitive, in depth, and easy to use migraine app out there!
Most important feature? It works. Hands down most effective migraine app out there.
Mackenzie Dykstra
Great Intuitive App Design. Easy to navigate and had very useful information and tools!
Henriksen Sound
I love how thorough this tracker is. It's looking for triggers that I've never considered before. Setup was a breeze, and I love the insights it's giving me.
Molly Hillstrom