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About LetsGetChecked: Health Tests

LetsGetChecked offer lab testing, on-going medical support and a personalised dashboard which allows you to track your health insights from the comfort of home.

We give you peace-of-mind by providing you with direct access to your test results including home health tests and clinical services.

From cancer screening to general wellness, hormonal health, fertility and sexual health, you now have the ability to order your test and track your results, all from your phone.

Follow these simple steps for a better understanding of your health:

1. Order your test online and receive it within a few days

2. Collect the sample at home and return it in the packaging provided

3. Your sample is tested in one of our accredited laboratories

4. Receive your results with a call from our clinical team

5. Track, test and retest all from your online health dashboard

6. Receive on-going, around the clock support and guidance from our clinical team

Tests we offer:

- Cancer screening, including bowel cancer, prostate and cervical cancer

- Organ function testing, such as kidney and liver function tests

- Diabetes (Hba1c) and cholesterol testing

- Male hormone testing including testosterone

- Female hormone testing including ovarian reserve

- Thyroid testing

- Sexual health testing (STIs)

- Lyme disease testing

- Vitamin testing, including vitamin B12 & D, folate and omega 3 &6

…..and many many more!

We empower your health outcomes by giving you full access to your test results wherever and whenever suits you. Our clinical team explain what your results mean in a language that you can understand before releasing them to your personalised account. This means you always have your health stats to hand.

LetsGetChecked is guided by science and empowered by technology. We are passionate about caring for people. Download LetsGetChecked today for access to detailed health insights and the power of knowing.

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Great user experience and great testing service πŸ‘Œ
Matthew Hennessy