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About MedM Health

MedM Health is the Ultimate Health Diary for you and your family.

Whether you keep a Blood Sugar or Blood Pressure diary, tracking COPD conditions, heading to your Weight Loss achievements, or monitoring Temperature, MedM Health is a perfect companion for you.

You can collect data automaticaly from Fitness and Medical Devices or enter data manualy with our user friendly Smart Entry.

For those who don’t like registrations, logins and passwords we implemented and fully function offline mode.

For those who’d like to backup, share, export and get print friendly reports we offer a powerful MedM Health portal -


Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Weight, Temperature, Heart Rate, Fetal Doppler, Blood Oxygen (SpO2), ECG, Spirometry, Activity and Sleep Tracking, Notes.


MedM is an absolute leader in Connected Health. Our apps are compatible with a huge variety of Smart Fitness and Medical Devices equipped with Bluetooth, NFC and ANT+ connectivity.

MedM Apps are compatible with devices of the following vendors:

A&D Medical, Aerotel, Beets BLU, Biolight, CGS Sensors, ChoiceMMed, Contec, Creative Industry, DigiO2, eHealthSource, Entra Health Systems Co. Ltd., ERT, Fora Care Inc., H3 system, I.E.M., iChoice, Indie Health, Jerry Medical, Jiacom, Jumper Medical, Kinetik Wellbeing, Leicke, LuckCome, Masimo, MicroLife, Mio Global, MIR, Mobile Action, Nonin, Omron, Oregon Scientific, Oxitone , Perlong, Philips, Polymap Wireless, ProbeTec, Pyle Audio, Ridian, Roche, Rycom, SD Biosensor, Shecare, Shenzhen Pump Medical, SmartLAB, SRM, Sybercare, TaiDoc, Tanita, TigraSport, Transtek, Trividia Health, Visomat, Vitagoods, Vitalograph, Wahoo, Waveguider, Xporti, Zephyr Technology,

MedM apps and services are available for all mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

Being connected to MedM Health Cloud you can access, backup, and share your data with your family, friends, and physicians.

MedM - Enabling Connected Health!

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Great app, simple and robust.. especially like it for google fit sync. Blood monitor sync works good.
Oleg Kmechak
Good simple app I was looking for. Besides Glucose & BP there's more in the app such as blood oxygen, heart rate, weight , sleep, ECG, and actively plus more . Good and simple without too many input.
Pretty good app. The only problem is it shows that my Omron Evolv was synced, but it doesn't records the value. I must manually enter my Blood Pressure reading. Fix this problem and I will give it 5 stars. U...
Derrick Ragsdale