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About MedM Temperature

WARNING!!!! Do not trust and do not use prank apps claiming the ability to measure body temperature with a smartphone! It is not possible technically!

DISCLAIMER!!! MedM Temperate doesn't measure body temperature! The app is a logbook/diary providing the user with a simple user-friendly interface to enter measurements manually and collect measurement automatically from many MedM compatible Bluetooth smart thermometers.

MedM Temperature is your ideal companion during the fever. Keep track of yours and your family member’s temperature manually and automatically with multiple MedM Connected thermometers.

- Absolute World Leader in number of connected Smart Temperature Sensors;
- Fastest and easiest manual data entry;
- Fully functional offline without any registrations;
- Available for all smartphones and tablets;
- Backup and share your data via MedM Health Cloud.

Just a few seconds needed to add measurement results (manually or automatically). You can then add tags and upload to the cloud if you prefer, or just keep your data on your smartphone or tablet.

MedM Connected thermometers:

BLT Bilight Temp Sitter
DigiO2 ETH-102
Forа IR20
Forа IR20 BLE
iChoice T1
SyberCare Smart Baby
TaiDoc TD-1261
TaiDoc TD1035

The whole list of MedM Connected devices is available on our web site:

MedM apps and services are available for all mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

Being connected to MedM Health Cloud you can access, backup, and share your data with your family, friends, and physicians.

MedM - Enabling Connected Health!

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nice charts, simple values entry
prcustomer prcustomer
Very good and simple to use ...thank you
Malcolm Smith
This worked perfectly for me. Forget "Temp Sitter" app for use with the blue tooth thermometer.
Harold Gaskill