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About Galileo Health: Medical Care

Get 24/7 medical diagnosis and treatment on your phone for $13/month or $99/year. Chat with a doctor virtually about your symptoms and get care for almost any health concern (from the mundane to the mysterious).

Our team of expert doctors diagnose your symptoms, provide medical treatment, write and renew prescriptions, and care for you long term. With Galileo, you'll never make an unnecessary trip to the doctor's office again.

No copays, deductibles, or appointments necessary—just quality, personalized care that gets better over time.

Chat with a doctor today!

For individuals, Galileo is available for download in CA, CT, FL, NC, NJ, NY, PA, SC, TX, and WA. For businesses, Galileo is available nationwide.

Galileo is proud to provide affordable digital healthcare to thousands of people like you. We're here to help and always appreciate feedback. Get in touch with us anytime at [email protected]

Galileo makes healthcare both financially and physically accessible to me.
Ivey Peters
I'm currently waiting on a response now. I'm new to this app and this type of care in general. I rated the app 5 stars anyways for a few reasons. I checked most of the companies out and my deciding factors w...
Dawn Schoeppner Marriner
Honestly, I would not have went seeking help for my concerns if I didnt get this. The dr I talked to was very knowledgeable, helped me with all of my concerns even prices of prescriptions. I am also patient ...
Kristina H