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About SilverSneakers GO

SilverSneakers GO is the fitness companion app that makes it easy for you to get fit, stay active, and develop healthy exercise habits.

With this app you’re getting:

- Full 4-12 week workout programs for all fitness levels
- Find nearby fitness locations and classes
- Live virtual classes you can do from home
- Schedule exercise activities
- Get notifications for your scheduled activities
- Learn and master new moves and exercises
- Rate your workout experiences
- Log completed workouts and keep track of your progress

This app allows you to locate nearby group exercise classes and fitness locations. You can schedule activities whether you’re going to the gym, a class, or just general activity (walking, swimming, hiking, etc.) and you’ll get reminder notifications about your scheduled activities and never miss a beat.

The programs are guided workouts that range from 4 – 12 weeks and for all fitness levels. The programs will keep your workouts interesting and effective as you progress and get stronger.

• Privacy Policy:
• Personal Data Sharing (CA & NV residents only):

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is SilverSneakers GO?

SilverSneakers GO is a fitness companion app that helps you stay active, get fit, and establish healthy exercise habits.

What features does SilverSneakers GO offer?

SilverSneakers GO offers full 4-12 week workout programs for all fitness levels, helps you find nearby fitness locations and classes, provides live virtual classes for home workouts, allows you to schedule exercise activities, sends notifications for your scheduled activities, helps you learn new moves and exercises, allows you to rate your workout experiences, and allows you to track your progress by logging completed workouts.

What can I do with SilverSneakers GO?

With SilverSneakers GO, you can locate nearby group exercise classes and fitness locations, schedule various activities (such as gym sessions, classes, walking, swimming, hiking, etc.), receive reminder notifications for your scheduled activities, and never miss out on staying active.

What are the workout programs offered by SilverSneakers GO?

SilverSneakers GO offers guided workout programs that last from 4 to 12 weeks and cater to all fitness levels. These programs aim to keep your workouts interesting and effective as you progress and become stronger.

Are there any privacy policies related to SilverSneakers GO?

Yes, SilverSneakers GO has a privacy policy. You can find it at

Is there any specific personal data sharing policy for residents of California and Nevada?

Yes, for residents of California and Nevada, there is a personal data sharing policy. You can find it at
This is a great app while we are in quarantine. I love the convenience, instructors and range of classes, but I would love more. I am so much more likely to get moving than going to the gym over ten miles aw...
Barbara Booth
2.5 weeks. I'm feeling so much stronger. Thank for fixing the glitch. Silver sneakers rocks. Update: 4 weeks in. It's still a challenge, but everything goes smoothly.
Joanne Wagner
The app has inspired me to at least do the beginner exercises
Darlene Davis
Very motivational.
Roy Rogers
I like the app for a reminder to do my exercises
Vette Man
At home exercise classes to help break up the day for us stay-at-home seniors. I love it! What could be better!!!
Misty Eve