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About Boostcamp: Beginner Workouts

Don't know where to start your fitness journey? Tired of working out with no progress? We get it. Boostcamp will teach you how to properly train, not just exercise.

Boostcamp offers beginner fitness programs designed by expert coaches. Our content is completely free and accessible - no sneaky in-app purchases here!

At Boostcamp, we want to help you train, not just exercise. What does that mean? While simply exercising or doing one-off workouts is good for staying active, if you have serious fitness goals, then you have to learn to train using structured programs that are designed using principles of progressive overload and periodization.

What's the difference between Boostcamp and other workout apps?

*Train, not just exercise*
Doing one-off workouts quickly stops being effective. Proper training, on the other hand, allows you to to make long-term progress.

*Beginner-focused, not one-size-fits-all*
Our programs are designed for beginners of all levels. We have a variation specifically for you.

*Sustainable progress, not short-term fixes*
We want to help you achieve your fitness goals and keep it! We do not promote quick gimmicks because we know they don't work.

Boostcamp can promise the above because we only partner with elite coaches that are highly credentialed, well respected, and long-term thinking. These are NOT your stereotypical Instagram Influencer "coaches"!

Meet our coaches:

*Greg Nuckols*
Greg is the founder of Stronger By Science, one of the leading evidence-based fitness education platforms. Greg is a champion powerlifter and held three all-time world records in the 220lb and 242lb classes. He has a M.A. in exercise and sports science and has coached hundreds of athletes and beginners, both online and in-person. He's written for many major magazines and websites in the fitness industry, including Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Muscle & Fitness,, T-Nation, and

*John Henwood*
Olympian John Henwood is a Running coach and Strength trainer in New York City. He is now the coach of previous World Junior Champion Mary Cain. John has coached Jane Vongvorachoti on her road to the 2016 Olympic Games. But most of the time, John is coaching beginner runners and intermediate or sub-elite runners to run a best time or a qualifying time for a particular race.

*Morit Summers*
Morit Summers has been a Personal Trainer since 2007, defying industry standards with her abilities and inclusive approach. She holds a B.S. degree in Exercise Science & Kinesiology along with various certifications, including NSCA CPT and CrossFit Level 1. Morit was a trainer at Equinox Fitness for 10 years, where she progressed to a Tier 3+ trainer, and taught incoming classes of new personal trainers. She has been featured in Shape, Health and Fabuplus Magazine, on Good Day New York, on various health and fitness podcasts and in campaigns including TRX, Adidas, and many more.

Boostcamp beginner programs (more coming!):

*Strength Foundations at Planet Fitness*
- Programs for all genders
- Programs for strength, muscle, toning

*Running 101*
- Program for complete beginners who are just starting their first run
- Program for detrained beginners who have some previous running experience

*Fit at Every Size*
- Programs for all genders
- Program for full-body, at-home bodyweight training

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The design is really clean and easy to use. Highly recommend
Vince Cheung
Downloaded this app from Reddit suggestions . Please add more home workout 🙏
Mehady Islam
Really appreciate the FAQs section. Very helpful and safe, especially for beginners who might push themselves too hard.
NM Drive
Great app for beginners. Very clear instructions and easy to use. And it's completely free!!!!
Jeffrey Wong
The video tutorials don't load sometimes. Please look into this. I am giving this 5 stars because its completely free and the workouts really make me sweat. Keep up the amazing work !
Shaik Fahad Ali
Awesome app! I have started the zero to hero workout and it is really good! The audio clips really help! I am on week 4 of Zero To Hero plan and am already seeing significant progress! Thank you developer!
Vedant Vaghela