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About Pro Workout: Get Fit & Strong

Forget about getting a personal trainer! Join the Pro Workout community of trainees and change your lifestyle completely by getting fit and healthy. Our long-term customized training programs will help you reach your goals and provide you with the largest variety of exercises found on a fitness app! We’ll even monitor your nutrition so you know you’re making the best choices for your body! Whether you’d like to lose weight or get in shape, we’ll be here to accompany you every step of the way, whenever and wherever you feel like training.
Are you ready for the new you? Get started by downloading Pro Workout now.


Pro Workout is your one-stop shop for all your fitness, workout and training needs. Our aim is to give our users the knowledge and motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle and to help them reach their fitness and health goals. With Pro Workout you won’t have to look any further. Our app is the only one around to include an all-in-one solution to your workout and fitness needs. In fact, with Pro Workout you can enjoy both HIIT workouts and core and strength training!

A personal training program

Based on your input, we create a personal training program trailer-made to your fitness level and goals so you won’t have to hire a personal trainer. We then offer you a whopping +450 exercises(!) as well as over 30 varied training programs for all muscles, including videos, images, and instructions. Once you begin a workout, Pro Workout guides you through each exercise. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to best keep track of your progress and success, including the total workouts you’ve done, how many weights you’ve lifted, the number of repetitions you did, and more. You’ll even have the option to build a personal plan yourself!

Nutrition and wellness

Pro Workout calculates each of our users’ BMR and provides our trainees with their recommended calorie intake for better nutrition. This way, you’re not only getting into shape but you’re bound to see fast results! Whether you’re doing back exercises, a bicep workout, arm workouts, or a strength mirror workout, we’ve got covered.

Healthy lifestyle

We offer our users long-term training programs to make a longer, more significant impact on their overall health. In fact, our training programs can take up to half a year to complete!

Equipment for your workouts at home

Worried you won’t have the right equipment for your bicep workouts, dumbbell workouts, strength or HIIT home workout? Don’t want to spend money on getting new equipment? With a ton of exercises to choose from you really don’t have to worry about a thing! With Pro Workout you can filter home workouts based on the equipment you already have and get straight to work!

Join the big leagues

Once you’ve finished a workout, you’ll receive points. With these points you can advance in the leagues (bronze, silver, semi-pro, advanced pro), which will give you access to more and more workouts. Each week you’ll get to see who among the Pro Workout community is topping the list with the most points, giving you the motivation you need to do even better in the following week. We’ll even help visualize your success with an image collage. The first 15 users with the highest points in each league can advance to the next one, and the 10 users with the least amount of points will go down a league. Want to see your name on our leaderboard? Start your workout now!

Upcoming features

Soon Pro Workout will synchronize with your phone and smart watch!
You’ll also be able to verify your movement with our smart movement algorithm.
What are you waiting for? Download Pro Workout and join our strong and healthy community of trainees to welcome the new you!

Note: We make use of the Apple HealthKit to get information about you and track your daily steps.

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One of the best trainning app Ive ever used! Special section that addresses food that Ive never seen in any other sporta app! TRY IT
Allan partush
Easy to use, good training
סיון שטיין
This app offers it all, amazing training programs!
anastas t
I love it
solomon Tibebu
Excellent workout. This app is extraordinary!
David Fine
Best fitness app ive ever used! Thank you for all the workouts
Tomer S