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About ProFit - Workout Log - Fitness Tracker

ProFit ! is your new sports coach! His goal is to follow you during your weight training program, with or without equipment. Everything is recorded in your workout log, a real weight training log.
Add your own bodybuilding exercises, or choose an exercise among those already present in the application! More than 130 exercises already integrated!
If you want to lose weight or gain muscle with weight lifting, this app is made for you. ProFit offers you weight tracking, performance tracking, your personal records and many other statistics! The best Fitness tracker out there !
• Reps, loads, rest times setup for each exercise in your weight training program.
• Indicate your performance and compare it to your objectives.
• Get a view of your performance from the previous session
• Built-in stopwatch in the application for your rest times and timers
• Exercises can be skipped if you don't feel like doing them…
• ... But if you are in shape, add bonus rounds during the session!
• Replace your exercise by another one if your machine is taken!
• Make supersets and training circuits! (CrossFit)
• Choose your goal for each exercise: Countdown or repetitions
• In countdown mode, choose to hold the longest or do the maximum number of reps! (CrossTraining)
• Detailed summary of your performance at the end of each session
• Complete statistics of your progress in weight training
You can create your own workouts, using exercises built into the application or creating your own! You can even add a personalized photo for each exercise. Some basic sessions are already included for free, for example a weight training session without equipment or an ab workout! For upper and lower body.
Weight training programs can be adapted for beginners or experienced people.
The application has more than 130 weight training exercises, cardio training, body weight exercises and without equipment! Accompanied by instructions for execution, any beginner in weight training can learn the movements.
Focus your workout on a particular muscle group? No problem, thanks to ProFit, you can see your training volume per muscle group (Abs, pectorals, biceps, ...).
On top of all that, you can add your measurements, just add them in the application and see your progress! Slim down your waist, draw your abs, reduce your body fat and gain muscle mass! Your motivation will only increase.
Choose your theme (Light, Dark, Black (AMOLED)), your units of preference, date formats, sounds, vibrations, ... for your workout notebook
ProFit allows you to export your backup to your phone. Useful if you decide to change your phone or if you just want extra security (data is automatically saved every time you finish a training session).
Everyone has their own goals in weight training. Get a flat belly, have bigger pectorals, develop biceps and triceps, have a 6-pack abs.
Develop your weight-training program and follow it to the letter with ProFit. Progress easily and reach your goals! Whatever your discipline in weight training, bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, crossfit, crosstraining, cardio training, and many others!
Bodybuilding program for men, women, beginners and experienced.
Start your weight training now!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is ProFit?

ProFit is a sports coach app that helps you track your weight training program and provides various fitness statistics.

How can ProFit help in weight lifting?

ProFit offers features like weight tracking, performance tracking, personal records, and statistics to assist in weight lifting and achieving fitness goals.

Can I customize ProFit according to my preferences?

Yes, you can customize ProFit by choosing themes, units of measurement, date formats, sounds, vibrations, and more for your workout notebook.

Does ProFit provide exercise instructions?

Yes, ProFit provides instructions for execution with more than 130 weight training exercises, cardio training, bodyweight exercises, and exercises without equipment.

Can I create my own workouts with ProFit?

Yes, you can create your own workouts using exercises built into the app or even add personalized photos for each exercise.

Does ProFit support automatic backup?

Yes, ProFit allows you to export your backup to your phone, providing extra security and convenience in case you change your phone or need to restore data.

Can beginners use ProFit for weight training?

Yes, ProFit's weight training programs can be adapted for beginners and experienced individuals, and it includes basic sessions for beginners without equipment.

What are the goals ProFit can help achieve in weight training?

ProFit can help in achieving various goals like getting a flat belly, building bigger pectorals, developing biceps and triceps, and having a 6-pack abs.

Does ProFit provide performance analysis and progress tracking?

Yes, ProFit offers a detailed summary of your performance after each session and complete statistics of your progress in weight training.

Is ProFit suitable for different fitness disciplines?

Yes, ProFit can be used for various fitness disciplines such as weight training, bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, crossfit, crosstraining, cardio training, and more. It is designed for men, women, beginners, and experienced individuals.
great simple app to track your routine and progress with details of how to perform your chosen exercise or add your own exercise if not available.
Best app that does the job
Mahmoud Mourad
This is literally the best workout log I have ever used hands down👏
Daniel Star
Perfect workout organiser. You can create your workouts with your own exercises, sets, reps and rest time. Then you just "play the workout" and follow it with the help of a beep sound to let you know when th...