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About Gym WP - Dumbbell, Barbell and Supersets Workouts

Get the body shape you've always wanted. The Gym WP has everything you need to get incredible results in the gym in short time. Download this fitness app and join 1000000 satisfied users with increased bodybuilding performance.

With this app you have access to several gym routines to improve your results. You can set up your WORKOUT ROUTINE, get exclusive ROUTINES, control your WEIGHT, monitor your BODY MEASURES, calculate your BMI - IDEAL WEIGHT - FAT RATE, and more!

It's the most complete Google Play Gym app! Install now and try it out.

The Gym WP is suitable for people of any age who are looking for weight loss, hypertrophy or to monitor their body shape.


✓ Several Routine set up for all goals in bodybuilding. ex: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Strength Gain, Bodybuilders and More!
✓ Our Routines are complete, know how many series and how many repetitions you need.
★ Do not worry about your gym schedule, we do it for you. INSTALL and check it out.


✓ Create totally customized bodybuilding schedule
✓ More than 500 exercises with detailed image and explanation. Exercises are separated by categories: dumbbell, barbell and free exercises. You can make supersets.
✓ Assemble supersets easily
✓ Add your own exercises in the app
✓ Modify sets, repetitions, and loads to fit the app into your workout like Bodybuilders
★ This app estimates the level of muscle fatigue, as well as the rest time needed for muscle recovery, TRY IT now.


✓ Estimates muscle fatigue after workout
✓ Know if your muscle is fatigued, in recovery and the ideal time to workout again
✓ Monitor the time it takes for the muscle recovery
★ This technique helps to identify failures in your training, maximizing results. Try it too!


✓ Monitor your weight changes weekly and watch your progress
✓ Detailed measurement history, containing all intuitive body measurements and layout
✓ Define a goal to get your body shape
✓ View weight and measurements in charts
★ Stay engaged in practice as you watch your evolution, start NOW!


✓ Calculate BMI
✓ Calculate Your Ideal Weight
✓ Calculate Your Fat Rate
✓ Get detailed information on your weight rating


✓Get access to several series to be performed before and after physical activities
✓ Stretching series for various types of physical activities, such as walking and running, check it out.


✓Save your physical appraisal in this app and always keep it in your hands, it will help body build.
✓You can save information on Body Composition, Skinfolds and Bone Bones, save now!

★★★★★ This app was developed aiming at the user experience to be as simple and objective as possible. Nothing to waste time on complicated apps and hard to fiddle with. Also, the size of the app is reduced so do not spend the memory of your smartphone and can be used offline.
So, INSTALL NOW and enjoy it !!

Liked this App ?! Then download and leave your review.

E-mail to contact: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I do with the Gym WP app?

With the Gym WP app, you can set up your workout routine, access exclusive routines, control your weight, monitor your body measures, calculate your BMI, ideal weight, and fat rate, and more.

Who is the Gym WP app suitable for?

The Gym WP app is suitable for people of any age who are looking for weight loss, hypertrophy, or to monitor their body shape.

What is an exclusive routine?

An exclusive routine is a pre-set workout routine designed for specific goals in bodybuilding, such as weight loss, muscle gain, strength gain, and more.

Can I create my own customized workout routine?

Yes, with the Gym WP app, you can create totally customized bodybuilding schedules with over 500 exercises to choose from. You can also add your own exercises and modify sets, repetitions, and loads.

How does the app estimate muscle fatigue?

The app estimates muscle fatigue after a workout and provides information on whether your muscles are fatigued, in recovery, and the ideal time to workout again. It also helps identify failures in your training to maximize results.

Can I monitor my weight and body measurements with the app?

Yes, you can monitor your weight changes weekly and track your progress with detailed measurement history. The app also allows you to set goals for your body shape and view weight and measurements in charts.

Does the app have a BMI calculator?

Yes, the app has a BMI calculator that calculates your BMI, ideal weight, and fat rate. It provides detailed information on your weight rating.

Can I access stretching series with the app?

Yes, the app provides access to several stretching series that can be performed before and after physical activities. These stretching series are tailored to various types of physical activities.

Can I save my physical appraisal in the app?

Yes, you can save your physical appraisal in the app, including information on body composition, skinfolds, and bone bones.

Can I use the app offline?

Yes, the Gym WP app can be used offline. It was designed to have a simple and objective user experience without wasting time on complicated features. The app also has a reduced size to save memory on your smartphone.
A very good app for keeping check on the status of your workouts. Looking forward to buying the paid version. Totally satisfied with it.
Ayush Rana
This app helps me go into the gym with a plan! Easy to follow. Nice variety of workouts. Love it!
Christina Flippin
Really good app so far (non premium version). Love the way one can develop a bespoke workout to suit one's needs.
Neil Tipple
Best one ever💪💪💪
Tyson Finnis
Brilliant App.
Rouan Snyman
kishan shetty