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About Caliverse - Calisthenics & Bodyweight Fitness

Calisthenics for the whole universe - this is our mission and this is Caliverse. Giving a chance for everyone to learn what is calisthenics and how to perform it correctly - our friends United Calisthenics Group will show exactly how everything is done!

Why Caliverse?

- Train with freedom. No gym or equipment required - use only your bodyweight. Join millions of others doing their workout whenever and wherever you want.

- See fast results by following professionally made workouts and training plans made by professional coaches.

- Lower risk of injuries by doing more natural movements not lifting weights.

- Customize every aspect of your training - create custom exercises, workouts and training plans. Browse library of more than 300 bodyweight exercises and 100 workouts. You have complete freedom on how to plan your trainings.

- Participate in monthly challenges, get into routine, compete with others and win prizes if you get till the end.

- Join live group sessions that are ran by Caliverse approved coaches. Follow workout and get instant feedback from coach to have fun and efficient training.

- Get custom made workout plan for you, someone who follows your trainings and answers all your questions by trying out private coaching directly in app. Caliverse is the only app that give you opportunity to have personal trainer without leaving your home.

- Be part of fast growing community. Get answers to your questions and help others. Share your progress and enjoy your time communicating with like-minded people.

The free version of the app contains 100+ bodyweight workouts and 300+ calisthenics exercises with professional videos and descriptions, 10+ training plans, monthly challenges with prizes and great community. We believe that people who can’t afford paying for subscription should still be able to find workouts that suits them.

What is included in Caliverse PRO?

- More advanced and progressing workout plans that targets specific skills or movements. And premium access to plans that are added every month.

- Live workout sessions that allows you to train together with a coach and other people, to get instant feedback so you are sure that perform exercises correctly and achieve your targets.

- Follow along workouts in case you missed live session - have a workout whenever you have time by having a video right in Caliverse app or share it to your TV.

- Learn more about calisthenics, exercises and training in general by getting access to Caliverse tutorials. Watch how coach shows and explains specific movement or topic.

- Participate in all challenges without limitations. Compete with others, don’t skip a day and win valuable prizes.


By using Caliverse you accept our Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policy (

Contact us at [email protected] or follow @caliverseapp on social media for news, inspiration and workouts. Achieve your goals with Caliverse!

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Teemu Lehtinen
Great workout plans and instructions
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Aersome app! Great job
Damien LAMY
I have thoroughly enjoyed these exercises, especially nowadays with a pandemic shutdown, I'm so happy for being able to stay fit & challenged by Caliverse, Thanks 😊
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