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About Lived: Drink less. Live more.

Real advice and tools from people who have done it.

Whether you're sober-curious, wanting to cut-back or quit alcohol, Lived connects you with free access to decades’ worth of lived experience, research and wisdom—in just 10 minutes a day or less.

Forget about labels and rigid programs that try to fit you into a box. Lived is all about helping you to find the change that feels right for you. We connect you with real-life tools and advice you actually want to hear—from people who have been there. All done at your own pace, in your own space.

It’s proven.
Powered by people and grounded by science. We know what works—because we did it ourselves.

It’s personal.
Everyone’s relationship with alcohol is personal. That’s why we have a range of Guides and Courses to help you find the guidance that’s right for you.

It’s flexible.
No labels. No judgement. No pressure. Get to your personal goals at your own pace, in your own space.

It’s possible.
Lived Guides struggled for years to find what worked for them so that you don’t have to. Unlock decades’ worth of lived experience and wisdom with audio episodes that take just 10 minutes a day or less—and reach your goals faster.

Want to drink less and live more? Let's go!

Everyone’s experience with alcohol is different, and not everyone has the same goals—so why is everyone always trying to put us in a box? Not Lived. Lived connects you with the people, journey and goal you can personally relate to. Each Guide has had their own lived experience with alcohol, discovered what worked for them and now share it in easy-to-follow Courses with Lived. Relevant and relatable? Check. Totally un-boring? Check. Stuff that actually works? Our Guides are literally living proof of what’s possible.

Lived is all about *you*—not just the booze. We know that when you feel good about yourself, and confident in who you are, you start living your best life. With Courses, you’ll explore all of the different ways our Guides found courage, strength and self-confidence on their own journeys, to help empower yours. And the best part? It takes less than 10 minutes a day, which you can do in your own space, at your own pace.

Start your day right with an audio boost that takes less than 3 minutes. From getting more gratitude in your attitude to building your confidence, each day is different so you’ll always be kept feeling inspired. Because guess what? You’re freaking awesome, and someone ought to tell you!

From coping with emotions to navigating 'work drinks', Moments offer you instant tips and tricks to help you take on the day’s more challenging situations.

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Love the app. Ohave only been on it a couple of days but helps to have that extra support
Charles Brooks
Love the focus on lived experience. So relatable. The Lived Guides have experienced and know what it takes to make a change.
Danne Lim
Really changing my perspective, the level of vulnerability coupled with tactical advice is life changing
jacob poke