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About Pulsedin

PulsedIn, the Beat of Nurses, is the first and only professional networking mobile app for Nurses. Nurses are the life-blood of the healthcare industry and PulsedIn recognizes that the nurses need every tool to support them, unite them, and enhance their skills/ careers. PulsedIn aims to connect the Nurses and empower them with a powerful and unified voice. With PulsedIn, Nurses can focus on building their professional network, showcase their skills and profiles, engage in social learning, prepare for licensing exams like NCLEX, build social and professional relationships, connect with potential employers, and match for their dream jobs.

PulsedIn features

1. Connect with your peers, friends, and colleagues: Connect with your nurse peers only and keep your circles specific to your profession.

Post and share articles and news with your peers and follow their professional/career updates in the feed.

Read Articles from all nursing specialties with the latest updates, share your own, and build your online reputation in the network.

Chat with your connections privately or in a group.

2. Groups for social learning and Test Prep: PulsedIn faculty creates videos, quizzes, NCLEX test prep modules for those who are preparing for such exams. Faculty may also assess individual performance upon request.

3. Create groups, invite friends to groups, and engage in nurse-specific productive discussion.

4. Use your completed profile with skills and endorsements that reflect your reputation, to apply for a job.

5. List your skills on your profile, get endorsements from colleagues and supervisors.

6. Recruitment modules are to be launched soon.

PulsedIn app is totally free to download and use. Connect with your nursing peers and colleagues and build your online reputation today. Contribute to the online platform that is aiming to empower the Nurses with a unified, strong voice.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is PulsedIn?

PulsedIn is a professional networking mobile app designed specifically for Nurses.

What can Nurses do with PulsedIn?

Nurses can use PulsedIn to connect with their peers, showcase their skills, engage in social learning, prepare for exams like NCLEX, build professional relationships, connect with potential employers, and find their dream jobs.

How can Nurses connect with their peers on PulsedIn?

Nurses can connect with their peers by adding them as connections on PulsedIn and joining nurse-specific groups.

Can Nurses post and share articles on PulsedIn?

Yes, Nurses can post and share articles on PulsedIn, allowing them to stay updated with the latest news and showcase their knowledge.

Is PulsedIn free to use?

Yes, PulsedIn is completely free to download and use.

Are there any features for test preparation on PulsedIn?

Yes, PulsedIn offers test prep modules and quizzes created by its faculty to help Nurses prepare for exams like NCLEX.

Can Nurses use PulsedIn to apply for jobs?

Yes, Nurses can use their completed profiles on PulsedIn, showcasing their skills and endorsements, to apply for jobs.

Will there be recruitment modules on PulsedIn?

Yes, recruitment modules will be launched soon on PulsedIn.

How can Nurses chat with their connections on PulsedIn?

Nurses can chat with their connections privately or in a group on PulsedIn.

What is the goal of PulsedIn?

The goal of PulsedIn is to empower Nurses with a unified voice and provide them with the tools and support they need for their careers.
Ritu Sharma
Lizzette Aquilizan
Used this app as a companion app while doing Archer NCLEX and Hurst. I passed NCLEX but got hooked to this app since itseems to have a greater purpose than just NCLEX. I am looking forward to podcasts, job f...
Ann Rutledge
lot of thanks Sodeinde
Good apps.
eleanor onus