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About Yak Tack

Hello. This is Yak Tack.
Yak Tack is a simple app that helps people remember English words.

We love words. We're tired of forgetting what they mean.
Ever engage in a conversation around a campfire and hear someone use the word ostensibly a couple times? Ever pull out your phone to look it up?

ostensibly: as appears or is stated to be true, though not necessarily so; apparently

Ever peruse an article the following week, where "ostensibly" shows up, only to realize you forgot what it means?

We have.

Spaced repetition fixes things.
Spaced repetition is a technique used to boost recall. We use it. Basically, when you want to remember what a word means, we remind you of it frequently at first, then less frequently as time goes on.

We call this process "tacking."

(If Yak Tack existed back when we sat around that campfire, we'd have tacked "ostensibly" and remembered what it meant when we read it in that article.)

It's better with people.
We didn't know that "ostensibly" was a word until our friend used it around the campfire. Other people expose us to new words.

We've made it easy for you to connect with people on Yak Tack who are learning new words too. When they start tacking a new word, we'll tell you about it. They'll be your campfire friend.

We're big in Japan.
Well, that is to say, people around the world are using Yak Tack to learn English, even Japan. And we make it easy for them to remember what words mean in their native language.

Does it cost anything?
Yak Tack is fully functional for free. But for $5.00 (USD) per year, Yak Tack is even better. Don't worry about that now. Start tacking for free. We'll talk about money later if we need to.

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An awesome way expand your vocabulary.